Restored by Dabimus srl
«Gunat përmbi tela» restored in 4K with the financing of Puglia Region
  • May 15, 2024
Restored by Dabimus Studo in Bari, Italy
«Poppies on the wall», 4K restoration released.



  • Screening on December 6, 2023
International Film Festival in Lyon, France
«Tale from the past» screens at Festival LUMIÈRE



  • October 20 and 21, 2023
It screened at the premises of «Pallati i Brigadave»
«Mësonjëtorja» is digitally restored from original 35mm elements
  • September 12, 2023
Restored by Quality Matteers, India
"Les Fauves", a short animation by Stefan Taçi, restored in 2K
  • September 12, 2023
A collaboration with Fondazione Gramshi di Puglia
«Gjeneral Gramafoni» restored from 35mm film elements
  • April 20. 2023
The restored film premiered in 2021
«Vdekja e kalit» movie restored after 30 years
  • September 20, 2021
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The Albanian National Film Archive and the Fondazione Gramsci di Puglia organize the premiere event of the restored movie “Cloaks Over Barbed Wires” directed by Muharrem Fejzo (1977).

15 May 2024, 18:00, Millennium Cinema
Free entry

The digital restoration of the film and the premiere event are supported by Fondazione Gramsci di Puglia and Regione Puglia in the framework of the project “La Puglia nel centenario dell’avvento del fascismo”. The film “Cloaks Over Barbed Wires” was restored from the original 35mm negatives found at AQSHF, by Dabimus srl lab of the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Italy.

Artan Minarolli

In memoriam…
Director Artan Minarolli (1958 – 2015) passed away on 30 December 2015. Casting photo of Artan Minarolli from the feature film “Little Partisan Velo” (1980).

Minarolli studied drama at the Academy of Arts in Tirana, in 1982. In 1986 he started working as assistant director at Kinostudio. In 1993, he completed a specialization as a director at the European Film School in Denmark. He made his first film in 1991, the documentary “For one centimeter”, with which he won the first prize at the Turin Festival. The first feature film comes in 1994, the short film “One Hundred Percent” in collaboration with Petrit Ruka, with whom he also made the film “Plastic Bullet” in 1996. In 2004, Minarolli directed “Moonless Night”, and in 2009 movies “Alive!” and “Provincial Chronicle”. His last and unfinished film project, “Delegation”, was completed by director Bujar Alimani in 2018. This film won the Grand Prix of the prestigious Warsaw International Film Festival.

Albanian actress Rajmonda Bulku was born in 16 August 1958. She appeared in many motion pictures and theatre plays. Bulku's first role was from the motion picture «Dimri i fundit». It was only her second appearance, «Zonja nga Qyteti», that gained her a national praise. She went on to play in several other movies and is currently artistically active.

— from the Albanian motion picture «Vitet e Pritjes», June 30, 1989

Gjenerali i ushtrisë së vdekur

Photograph of Guljelm Radoja, «Artist i Merituar», during the filming of «Gjenerali i ushtrisë së vdekur» (1989), directed by Dhimitër Anagnosti.

Botë e Padukshme

Photograph of Roza Anagnosti, «Artiste e Merituar», doing face makeup during the filming of the film «Botë e Padukshme» (1987), directed by Kristaq Dhamo.

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