Reference Code I/2-159
Title Qemal Stafa
Synopsis The film begins with landscapes of snowy mountains, rivers and an image of Qemali. Qemal Stafa’s quote “. . . We Albanians will destroy the old views. Over it we will raise the red flag of brotherhood, culture and prosperity. ” (Q. Stafa 1935). The of Elbasan, the house where the family of Qemal Stafe lives and his cradle. A photo of Qemali’s family and a photo of him at the age of 3. A narrow street and the Jesuit school where he studied. Qemal’s house and various photographs. The picture of the high school as well as the desk where he wrote his bold design. Qemali’s photograph, his writings, the magazine of the society ‘Besa’ of the gymnasium and the magazine “Shkendija”. Tirana in 1936, the house and the room where they lived, the library, Qemal’s bed. Photo of Veliu, Qemali’s older brother. The table with books and the photo of Avni Rustemi that he was holding. Photo of his friends like Vasil Shanto, Vojo Kushi, Xh. Balla, H. Shijaku, J. Kilice. Group photos. The oeuvre Qemali and Veliu . His design. The cell where he was imprisoned, the bucket of water, the whip and the bed of torture. Qemal’s trial. Newspapers reporting about the trial that the regime made against him. The arrival of the fascists in Albania, their landing in Durres and Tirana. (275. 40) Begins with sea waves. Photo of Qemal Staff with Sami Baholli. View of Florence where he entered the university from where Qemali by order of the prefecture of Florence, was exiled to Albania. Sea waves. Demonstrations (photographs) begin in Albania. Photo of Enver Hoxha and of Qemali at the village of Peze. The photo where communist party was founded, where Qemal Stafa actively participated. Two weeks later, under the direction of C. C. A. L. P, the communist youth were organized, and secretary was elected comrade Qemal Staffa. Nako Spiro, Misto Mame, Nexhmije Xhunglini, Tasi Mitrushi, etc. working together with Qemali. Qemali visting different cities to organize the youth. Fountain pens that print tracts, others that paste tracts. A picture of Qemal with Branko Kadine. Photograph of the war of the three heroes and Vojo Kushi. The house and the street where Qemal was surrounded. The window of the house, the room and the street of the river. The tombstone erected in this place. The double exposition, Qemali laughs and youth marching. Documentary film on the life of the hero Qemal Stafa.
Screenwriter Nasho Jorgaqi
Scriptwriter Peci Dado
Director Ilo Pando
Composer Simon Gjoni
Camera Spiro Kokona
Designer Namik Prizreni
Category Documentaries
Year 1964
Release date 1964
Reels 2
Lenght (in minutes) 14
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
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