Reference Code I/2-1169
Title Dora D’Istra
Synopsis Portrait of Dora D’Istra, a writing hand, letter with her signature. View of Bucharest, movement through the street. The residential villa, the entrance where the plaque with the inscription of the Eagle can be seen. Photo of the family who lived in this villa: Grigori, Gjergfji, Aleksandri, Jon Gjika. Photo of the Gjika family. Father Mihali and mother Katreina. Church, religious shrine from 1829. The villa where Elena Gjika was born. The library of professor Thoma Xhomos (Albanian family), talking about the Gjika family. Newspapers reporting about the Gjika family, photo of old Bucharest, photo of the Gjika family. Coat of arms of the Gjika family. The Gjika family cemetery. Photo of Mihal Gjike, Elena’s father, founder of the great art museum. (250.9m). Photo of Prince Kostandin Gjika with his wife. Talking about Elena’s childhood. Photos of Elena at a young age. Photo and bust of the Romanian potter Rodulesku at the flower garden of Bucharest. Writings for Elena. Elena’s journey through different European cities. Germany. Dresden. Elena at the age of 16 participated in the exhibition of figurative arts. The cities of Russia. Exhibition of figurative arts in Petersburg where he won the silver medal. It remains open in Russia for almost 5 years. View of Brussels. Elena settled in Brussels in 1854. Elens writings books in different languages. Correspondence with De Raden, Zef Skiro, Skerembe, La Martini and Dhimiter Kamarden. View of Svicre, where Eelena is placed together with her mother and son. Their photos. View of the city of Florence, view of the villa D.D’Istra, bridge and its manuscripts. (286.9m). The city of Athens. The Greek Parliament. Elena in Greece wrote the book “The Renaissance of Crete”. Bust of the monk Marko Bocri. The porters of his daughter, Elena’s friend. Photos of Skanderbeg, written letters. Her correspondence with Jeronim De Raden, their writings. Photo of Garibaldi, writings in French. Photos of the Romanian researcher Kristina Mak Butovic who talks about Dora D’Istren. Photos of Elena Gjika’s writings. View of Italy. Elena in Livorno. The researcher Koli Xoxa talking. The works of Dora D’Istres. Kozenec and De Rade’s house. Textbooks for the school in Kozence. Dora D’Idtra’s work “The Albanian poems “. The streets of Turin. (312.8m). View of Bucharest. National Library. Library director Maroi Dobreku talks about Dora D’Istren. Views from Turkey, the mosque, etc. Map of Albania, retrospective of old Albania. Tirana, the old bazaar, the imam and the mosque. Bartolome Cekreti’s book for Elena Gjiken. Images and writings of Jozefina Kner, Viennese poet. Elena’s portrait. The Treaty of Saint Stephen, writings of the Congress of Berlin. Mountain portrait paintings. Abdyl and Naim Frasher’s photo. View of Boston, a church. Poti Long Fellow, photo of him. American cities. Letters to Dora D’Istres. Shkodra, students’ correspondence with Elena. Elena’s house in Florence, its garden. Portrait of the elderly Elena. Her grave. (292.9m).
Screenwriter Vehbi Baka Klinton Gilani
Director Donika Muci
Composer Mira Mecule
Camera Sparatk Papadhimitri
Editing Nazmie Sula
Sound Luiza^Osmanlliu
Category Documentaries
Year 1999
Release date 1999
Reels 4
Lenght (in minutes) 38.1
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Rumnai;Shqiperi.
Producers Albafilm
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