Reference Code I/2-149
Title Bistrica ’63
Synopsis Explosive mines for the opening of the Bistrica’s tunnel. Tunnel works. The workers work in extremely difficult conditions. Water flows from the mountain, which is cleaned with electric pumps. The radiation of the high voltage pole makes the pump to stop working. The tunnel was filled with water. Workers gathering to save their friends and their jobs. The reserve power station is put into use. A meeting of the party bureau, directorate and technical engineering staff. Engineers were appointed. Leandro Zoto and Lavdosh Shakaj enter the tunnel to check the situation. They swim into the depths and adjust the electric pumps. Pump stations. Pumpers Th. Kallulli, N. Zeneli, V. Prifti, N. Lokoshi, V. Kume. The pumpers swim into the tunnel. The engineers come out and announce that the tunnel will be saved. Water sources and view of the area of the old castle and church of Mesaponams. The tractor working the land. (248. 30m) Machine room of the hydropower plant. Installation of hydropower plants. Several construction sites, such as the Krane, Muzin and Shtek. In addition to the opening of the tunnel, its concreting is also done. The centre where the tunnel will open from both sides. The tunnel was opened, two sectors were joined. The workers cheer. Sali Vata is among them. (194. 50m) Documentary on the opening of the Bistrica’s tunnel.
Screenwriter Viktor Gjika Dhimiter Xhuvani
Camera Viktor GJika Asim Raxhimi, op/zeri
Editing Ismail Balla
Category Documentaries
Year 1964
Release date 1964
Reels 2
Lenght (in minutes) 15
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
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