A Short Story from Kinostudio «Shqipëria e re» to AQSHF


  • 1947
    Nationalization of the Albanian cinemas

    Based on decision 160 of the Ministerial Council, with decree no. 314 of Law No. 422 "On the nationalization of cinemas", the Albanian Cinematographic Company is established, initially as a storage warehouse for films collected from the nationalization of private cinemas.

  • The International Federation of Film Archives

    The International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) proposes the membership of the Film Archive of Albania in this Federation.

  • 1970
    FIAF membership

    The Film Archive was admitted to FIAF as a full member.

  • New building of film archives

    The new construction of the new building of the Archive begins, which was completed at the end of 1990, when the transfer of the fund also began.

  • 1990
    The end of the era of Kinostudio «Shqipëria e re»

    Until this year, the film archives was one of subsidiaries of Kinostudio «Shqipëria e re».

  • AQSHF foundation

    AQSHF was founded aside from Alba Film, the former Kinostudio «Shqipëria e re», and joins the ranks of other cultural institutions with the responsibility that, in addition to books, paintings, music and folklore, Albanian society also preserves and protects works of the seventh art, such as of its historical and foreign spiritual constitution.

  • 2000
    The new AQSHF's screeing hall

    The "Hall 2000" for movie screenings with 80 seats was completed. The optical projection devices were donated by the TVSH.

  • Digital database system

    The begining of digitalization of archival information into a database system.

  • 2002
    Super VHS screening

    The selected fund is created in Super VHS for the purpose of  public screening even outside Tirana.

  • LUCE collaboration

    The digitalization of the film fund begins according to a project with the LUCE Institute.

  • 2005
    Motion pictures entire archive under AQSHF administration

    The entire archives of the former Kinostudio «Shqipëria e re», feature films, documentaries and chronicles of the period 1952 – 1990, came under the administration of the AQSHF.

  • Statute of AQSHF

    AQSHF, in cooperation with the Directorate of Cultural Heritage in the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports, prepares the Draft Statute and Internal Regulations of AQSHF.

    The statute was finally approved by the Minister.

  • 2010
    AQSHF new cinema

    The AQSHF Cinema, newly restored and equipped with new projection equipment, was made operational. The regular screenings of the film stock began according to a schedule prepared by the Editorial Office.