Reference Code I/2-240
Title Unforgettable memories
Synopsis The film begins with a landscape of the mountains of Mokre and images of Korce. Comrade Enver Hoxha, a former student and teacher of Korce High School, is coming to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this high school. He is accompanied by comrade Koco Theodhosi, candidate for the political bureau of the C.C.A.L.P Thoma Deljana, Minister of Education and Culture. Comrade Hoxha welcomes Mihallaq Zicishti, the first secretary of the Party committee, Petro Dode, the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Korce District People’s Council. Pioneers giving bouquets of flowers. Comrade Hoxha visits the first high school building. There is a picture of friend Enver when he was a high school student. Visiting the high school laboratory. Attending the recitation of the school’s literary circle and students’ cultural demonstrations and their military training. Comrade Enver writes in the impression book of the high school. During the visit to the old high school building comrade Enver sits on the bench he used to study when he was a student. He sits on the chair from where he taught when he was a teacher. He teaches student Irena and puts her grade in the register. (251.50) Comrade Enver visits the new Themistokli Germenji school. Director Ilia Treska informs comrade Enver about the successes achieved, etc. Enver Hoxha visits the first Albanian middle-aged woman. Attending the solemn meeting for the 50th anniversary of the high school. The meeting is opened by Pandeli Gellci, the director of Guri Pandeli high school addressing the public . Misto Treska speaks on behalf of all students and teachers. Enver Hoxha speaks at the meeting. Comrade Th. Deljana speaks on behalf of the presidium of the People’s Assembly that has decorated the school with the order of the red flag. Comrade Enver gives the decorations. Martyr Raqi Qirinxhi is decorated. The decoration is given by comrade K. Theodhosi. Comrade Enver hugs Raq’s brother and visits his house. Enver makes a series of visits to work and production centres in Korca. Visiting the knitwear factory “Draper e Cekan”. (249.30) Comrade Enver visits the glass factory. Visiting the “Raqi Themelko” bus park, speaks at the drivers’ meeting. Visits in the coop. of material products “Maqi Mita” where tools for the village are produced. Comrade Enver beats with a hammer an iron placed in an anvil. He talks to the workers about tempering with party materials. Visiting the sugar factory “8 Nentori” in Maliq. Visiting the agricultural cooperative of Maliqi. whose director Ilo Prifti talks to comrade Enver about the successes of the cooperative. Comrade Enver congratulates them on their successes and modesty. Comrade Enver leaves Korca. (194.10) On Enver Hoxhe’s visit to Korce in 1967.
Scriptwriter Zija Cikuli
Camera Dhimiter Lala Hamdi Ferhati Asim Raxhimi, op zeri
Editing Vitori Celi
Category Documentaries
Year 1967
Release date 1967
Reels 3
Lenght (in minutes) 23
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
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