Reference Code I/2-195
Title In partisans paths
Synopsis Tirana’s young people leaving for the excursion who will walk through the same path that the 1st Assault Brigade travelled. The commander of the march is Vehbi Hoxha. Dritero Agolli is among the excursionists. The road continues through the heroic Pez. Young people crossing the Devolli river and taking a short break. The head of the village council together with the commander of the excursion talks with young people about some events from the trip of the 1st Assault Brigade. The priests accompany the young people on their journey. The wind blows on the road. Climbing Tomorri mountain with snow. A long road with great difficulties. They pass Guri e Prere and Kafen e Gjarperi. Along this road, young people find a piece of shell. Bahri Xhangolli remembers at this moment his martyred brother killed in this country. (253. 10m) Excursionists cross the Zareci Gorge and head towards Moglice. The Moglicars are waiting for them as the partisans were waiting during the war. The pioneers have come out to wait for you in Strelce of Gore. On the way, they cross a rope bridge and step through the mud of Mokrre. The film director takes notes. The road is difficult. The snow has pinched their knees. It starts to rain. They reach the village of Dunice where the partisans take 500 enemies alive. (218m) They are on a partisan base. The elder of the house, Estref Braholli, talks about how the headquarters of the 1st Brigade studied until late the orders of the Party and Enver Hoxha. After a 2-day break, young people head to the northern areas. Comrade Mehmet Shehu accompanied by Petrit Dume. Comrade Mehmet Shehu addresses the young people. While a girl puts a partisan scarf around the neck of comrade Mehmet. The commander of the march talks to young people, with a map he shows the route taken by the 1st Assault Brigade. During the journey, they pass the hill of Skrokska, where the brigade was surrounded by enemies. The villagers welcome the young people with joy. Villagers accompany young people on their way. Hoxhe Shota is still disabled with one leg and walks with difficulties. They pass the mountain range of Shebenik, which is full of snow. Librazhdi’s young people have come to Dragoshtini’s farm where they are welcomed with music. Some go to the house of Aishe Kadi, who says that Mehmet Shehu stayed in this house. Young people sleep outdoor near open fires. (302. 80m) Heading towards Qarrishte. The old warrior Vehbi Hoxha says that Qarrishte the enemy had ambushes everywhere. They put a floral wreath on the tombstone of the martyrs. They pass in the direction of the bridge where the Brigade passed to break the siege. They see the house in Zabzun where the writer Haki Stermilli was when the 1st S. Brigade arrived. Youth are greeted by an orchestra in Prodon of Diber. A concert is given at the neighbourhood where Enver Hoxha stayed during the winter operation. (254 m) The young people of Burrel clearing the snow and meeting with young excursionists. Young men and women of Martanesh. The villagers welcome youth with songs and dances. A girl with bound feet continues on the road and refuses to turn back. The Vole school. The villagers of Vole wait for them with buttermilk instead of water. Young people walking through the mountains. The villagers of Guri e Madh i Matit welcome young people with flowers and applause. Passing through rain and snow, they reach Selite, Shermen and Shengjergj. and finally, after 21 days of marching, they arrive in Tirana. (340. 90 m) The film is dedicated to the excursion of the youth on the road taken by the 1st Assault Brigade to come to the aid of the General Headquarters of the National Liberation War during the Winter operation.
Screenwriter Dritero Agolli
Director Endri Keko
Composer Donika Muci
Camera Dhimiter Lala Asim Raxhimi, op/zeri
Designer Namik Prizreni
Editing Nina Harito
Category Documentaries
Year 1966
Release date 1966
Reels 5
Lenght (in minutes) 46
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
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