Reference Code I/2-377
Title With the rhythm of life
Synopsis View of Tirana. Skanderbeg Square. Busts of Qemal Stafe, Vojo Kushi can be seen in various places in Tirana. The monuments of Lenin and Stalin. The exhibition. Bust of Enver Hoxhe cast in plaster. Guest visiting the exhibition. There are paintings with different themes. Paintings “Skanderbeg’s Artillery”, “Oath of Count Vrana”, “Bust of Avni Rustemi”, “Vanguard of the Vendetta battalion”, “Manush Alimani”. Portrait of Curres. Plakate, Vojo Kushi on the fascist tank. Bust of Mustafa Matohiti. Painting- a partisan group fighting. Tableau- Wars in the Mezhgoran Gorge. Tableau- German slave. Tableau- “The Light of Freedom”. The liberation of Kosovo. Picture of November 17, 1944, the liberation of Tirana. Presentation of different paintings. Special paintings and sculptures. Tableau- the provocations of August. Visitors at the exhibition. Enver Hoxha, Mehmet Shehu and Thoma Deljana watching the exhibition. The painting that condemns the bad habits related to women. Tableau of metallurgists in Elbasan. Bust of Mihal Durit’s mother. Bust of Doctor. Shiroka, the bust of Mentor Xhemali. Mountain portrait, painting. Painting, “Nena Labe”. Head carved in wood. Paintings about the mountains of Morava, autumn in Drenove in Korce, snow in Korce, snowy winter in Tirana. Tableau of crops. Calm nature: grapes, apples, wine. Coastal terraces. Vase with Flowers. Painting with themes from life in the army. Paintings of the aviator, the frontiersman. Portrait of Enver Hoxhe. Bust of a girl. Bust of a miner. Painting; construction of Diber after the earthquake. Enver Hoxhe’s painting among the people of Dibra after the earthquake. The painting of Azotic of Fier. Electrification topic board. Tableau of the brigade of women in construction. Tableau- the Drin’s dam. Tableau of the geologist. Tableau with themes from the work against drought 1964. Actionists. Picture of a shareholder. Memorial and bust of Shote Galice. Artillery Mention. Tombstone of the 1st Assault Brigade in Helme. The memorial of the martyred Borov. Bust of partisans. Mushqetase tombstone. Paul Watts Short Bust. The train traveling in front of the bust of Shkurte Pal Vate. The documentary is dedicated to the exhibition of figurative arts in Tirana in 1970.
Scriptwriter Dhimiter Xhuvani
Director Donika Muci
Composer Donika Muci
Camera Petraq Lubonja
Editing Donika Muci
Category Documentaries
Year 1970
Release date 1970
Reels 4
Lenght (in minutes) 26
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit