Reference Code I/2-764
Title Where do melodies originate
Synopsis The shepherd playing the flute. Playing the horn. Monuments of antiquity, stairs of Odeon. View from nature: fields with flowers, mountains, flowing water, trees, hills. The lute. Ancient ruins. The Frasheri brothers. Popular songs. Children looking at musical instruments of the martyrs. Children’s folk orchestra. Popular adult orchestra. Playing the flute, pipes, trumpets. Folk orchestra: lute, def, violin, bagpipe, flute. The old fiddler teaches the children the art of playing the fiddle. Grass, with a flute, in the mountains. Wedding, popular melodies are played. Highlanders playing the lute, the horn, the harp. Bravery dance accompanied by toys and bagpipes. Tambourines. Workshop where folk musical instruments are made. Music school: children learning how to play different musical instruments. Popular vocal-instrumental, group of students of Art playing popular melodies. Industrial landscape. The mountain drum, playing folk instruments. Playing the drums.
Screenwriter Ramadan Sokoli Luan Dibra
Scriptwriter Luan Dibra
Director Esat Ibro
Composer Nina Harito
Camera Niko Treni Ferdinand Koruni
Editing Nazmie Sula
Sound Lionel Konomi
Category Documentaries
Year 1980
Release date 1980
Reels 2
Lenght (in minutes) 17
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Gjirokaster
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit