Reference Code I/2-163
Title When november comes
Synopsis Sea and wave panoramas. Mountain gorges, sunrise and a mountaineer with a rifle on his arm. There is a rifle target and noise and applause indicating the liberation of Albania. Partisans come down from the mountains with medals on their chests. Enver Hoxha saluting with his fist. His meeting with former partisans, invalids and mothers of martyrs. Mehmet Shehu hugs the mothers of martyrs. A soldier talking about the war of our people, different headstones are erected in honour of our martyrs. Tracks in the mud and tracks of tractors. Tractors uprooting trees to open new lands. Images of marshes and sound of frogs. Children are learning at a primary school, while the tractor is constantly uprooting trees. Tractors that work at night. Along with the tree roots, the tractor also destroys an old shed. Children going behind the tractor. The tractor pulls a torso out of the ground. This shows the ancient culture of our country. Children visiting the historical and archaeological monuments of Pojani. Villagers harvesting wheat, picking tobacco and grapes. Planes cover the fields of our homeland. The grain like a wave pours from the threshing machine which continuously fills the threshing machine. A cow stable with calves, a small farm, a new village house and 20-year-old young women getting off the train. Meeting targets at a field of geometry. A new industrial city will be built here. Cranes lifting materials. Construction of the factory wall and chimney. A worker welding and crossed tracks can be seen. Plans of Cerrik, the hydropower plant, the textile factory and plans of our ships in the port of Durres. There are download plans for tractors, etc. Glass factory, brewery, a mine and the University. Ships in the sea sailing. Metal smelting plant, high voltage poles, broadcasting antennas to connect to the whole world. The establishment “Voice of the people” work aspects. The tractors in the field, cars walking, trains passing and airplanes flying in the sky. Enver Hoxha speaking at the 4th ALP Congress. Floating in the open sea and water plans of the hydropower plant that flows in bulk. Hydropower dam plans. Students coming down the stairs of the University of Tirana. Miners entering the mine. View of wheat fields. Aspects of work in the spinning factory, Sali Vata working. Movement across the street. People going to work, workers going to work, students at school and actor Kadri Roshi going to work. Young people and workers who climb the ladder. Short planes, steamer, walking work, military, torpedo transport. A sailor, a cannon, a soldier with a machine gun, a boat, jets, 2 x antennas, wheat harvesters, a loom, a stove that comes out from side to side, spinning cement cylinders. Oil wells, train, bus. The buildings on Kavaje and Durres streets. A bridal taxi and images of small children. Children climbing the hill. It ends with images of mountains and mountaineers with rifles in their arms walking towards the mountains. Kino poems on the occasion of the November holidays.
Screenwriter Ismail Kadare
Director Viktor Gjika
Composer Ismail Balla, formulues
Camera Viktor Gjika sim Raxhimi, op/zeri
Editing Ismail Balla
Category Documentaries
Year 1964
Release date 1964
Reels 4
Lenght (in minutes) 33
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
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