Reference Code I/2-144
Title Wellcome, dear friends!
Synopsis The film begins with newspapers showing pictures of Cu En Lai and Cen Hi. People are gathering in the streets of Tirana to wait for the delegation. Enver Hoxha and state leaders some members of the accredited diplomatic body are at the airport. The plane stops and the delegation headed by comrade Cu En Lai hugs Enver Hoxha. Exchanging views comrades M. Shehu (synchronous) and Cu En Lai (synchronous). People are cheering from Rinas to Tirana, . The cars are parked at the Palace of Brigades, people disperse. Visiting the central committee of the labour party of Albania and the Council of Ministers on the afternoon of December 31. Cordial conversation between comrades Enver Hoxha and Cu En Lain. Giving public speeches. E. Hoxha with Cu En Lain. Fireworks. On New Year’s Eve, the delegation attends the evening organized by the workers of the textile factory “Stalin”. The delegation went to the officers’ house and an event organized by our writers and artists. Comrades S. Bekteshi, M. Peza, H. Lleshi, B. Balluku, R. Perllaku, H. Kapo, V. Gjebero, Sh. Peci, Xh. Spahiu, G. Nushi, R. Marko, H. Toska, P. Peristeri, P. Dumo, R. Alia attending the event. Documentary film on the visit of the president of the state council of People’s Republic of China, comrade Cu En Lai in Albania.
Director Endri Keko
Composer Ismail Balla
Camera Pashko Como Hamdi Ferhati Niko Theodhosi Dhimiter Lala Saim Kokona
Category Documentaries
Year 1963
Release date 1963
Reels 1
Lenght (in minutes) 11
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
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