Reference Code I/2-931
Title Warmly talks and meetings
Synopsis Panorama of Fier. View of Patos. The arrival of Ramize Alise accompanied by Pali Miska in Patos to participate in the 33rd Conference of the Party of this region. Comrade Ramiz Alia’s meeting with people. Ramiz Alia meets with the delegates of this conference. Different delegates discussing. Comrade Ramiz Alia speaks (synchronously). Panorama of the deep oil processing plant in Ballsh. The reception given by the workers of Ballsh to friend Ramiz Alia. Meetings with the employees and collectives of this plant. Aspects from work in the factory. The warm conversation with the workers of the various departments of the plant. Conversation with the main cadres. Comrade Ramiz’s meeting with the oil workers gathered near the oil wells in the iron forest of Marinz. His conversation with the manager of the 8th production group. Conversations with oilmen. Panorama of wheat fields. Combine harvesters harvesting wheat. Girls picking cotton in the fields of Myzeqe. The reception and the warm conversation of friend Ramiz with the cooperative members. Conversation with the main cadres of the cooperative of Seman and Pojani. Comrade Ramiz giving advice to the members of cooperative. Panorama of Mallakastre. View of hills planted with trees. The archaeological discoveries of Bylis. Comrade Ramiz’s meeting with the Malkastrians. The children who give him flowers. Conversation (synchronized by friend Ramiz Alia). Tombstone and painting of heroes of Hekal (counselors).
Director Donika Muci
Composer Donika Muci
Camera Lionel Konomi Rakip Zeneli
Editing Ikbale Jacellari
Sound Asim Raxhimi
Category Documentaries
Year 1985
Release date 1985
Reels 3
Lenght (in minutes) 21
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Fier
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit