Reference Code I/2-11
Title Visit of the Albanian governmental delegation in Moscow
Synopsis The Albanian government delegation flying to Moscow for a friendly visit. The delegation is headed by Enver Hoxha, chairman of the Council of Ministers. Comrades Spiro Koleka, K. Theodhosi, Vasil Kati, Xhaferr Spahiu, and the Albanian ambassador to Moscow, Mihal Prifti, are also part of the delegation. The Albanian delegation was received by the vice-president of the Council of Ministers, Comrade Mikojani and Foreign Minister Vishinski at the Moscow’ airport. Enver Hoxha giving a public speech at the airport. Our delegation is welcomed by the President of the Presidium of the Zhvernik Supreme Soviet, exchanging views. Visiting the “Lenin” Mausoleum where a flower wreath is placed. Visiting the graves of prominent Russian personalities at the Kremlin walls. Visiting Moscow where new buildings are being erected. Visiting the Leorgaja textile factory, manufactured in the name of Dzherzhinski. After three weeks, our delegation leaves for our homeland. Enver Hoxha delivers a welcoming speech. Albanian delegation signing an aid agreement with the Soviet government.
Camera I. Beljakov J. Oshikov V. Eshirin S. Sencamar B. Makasev A. Hariun J. Maglovaki R. Tullushakov
Category Documentaries
Year 1949
Release date 1949
Reels 2
Lenght (in minutes) 15
Country of origin B.S.
Shooting locations Moske
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