Reference Code I/2-180
Title Visit of G. Uillkoks in Albania
Synopsis Enver Hoxha, Hysni Kapo, Ramiz Alia, etc. receiving the delegation at the airport. Willcox and Roland Taylor getting off the plane and meeting our leaders like E. Hoxha, R. Alia, etc. Victor Willcox and Remal Taylor pay their respects at the Martyrs’ Cemetery. The delegation is accompanied by comrades R. Marko, Rr. Dervish etc. They visit the house where the Albanian Communist Party was founded, the National Liberation war museum. Visiting the factory of tractors, the Stalin textile plant, accompanied by comrades R. Alia and R. Marko. The delegation was received by comrades E. Hoxha, M. Shehu, H. Kapo, R. Marku, R. Alia. The delegation accompanied by comrade Hysni Kapo visits the agricultural cooperative “Apollonia” of Fier as well as the ancient city where they see statues and colourful mosaics with which the floor is laid. Then the delegation visits the city of Vlora, where it meets with the military navy, the workers of factory of Eternite tiles and the factory of chaotic soda. The delegation goes to Berat, they visit the fig plantations of Uznov and the Mao Ce Dun textile factory. (265) The delegation visits the city of Shkodra where it is welcomed by the students and pedagogues of the 2-year institute. After visiting the laboratory of the institute, the delegation visited the factory of electric wires in Shkoder, accompanied by comrade R. Alia, they visit the paper factory for cement bags. N. SH. B “Perlat Rexhepi”. Visiting the united school “Enver” of Tirana, in the laboratory accompanied by comrade B. Balluku etc. They visit the V. I. Lenin Party School. The joint statement was signed by Taylor and Enver Hoxha at the headquarters of the Central Committee on October 12. The next day, the delegation leaves for home at the airport accompanied by comrades E. Hoxha. H. Kapo. R. Alia. (237. 80)
Scriptwriter Muarrem Skenderi
Composer Donika Muci
Camera Dhimiter Lala Hamdi Ferhati Pashko Como Petraq Lubonja Asim Raxhimi, op zeri
Editing Endri Keko
Category Documentaries
Year 1965
Release date 1965
Reels 2
Lenght (in minutes) 17
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
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