Reference Code I/2-418
Title Victor Eftimiu in Albania
Synopsis 82-year-old Viktor Eftimiu together with actor Kiril Konomi arrive by car at the Albanian border., They meet the archer Vehbi Bala at the border. The children giving bouquets of flowers. He places a wreath of flowers at the tombstone of Pojske (Pogradec, where the hero of the people Reshit Collaku was killed). Pogradec. View of Tirana. Deshmoret e kombit Boulevard”. Dhimiter Shuteriqi (President of the League of Writers and Artists) meets with Viktor Eftimiu, Misto Treska and Llazar Siliqi. Misto Treska giving a public speech. Viktor Eftimiu meets with artists in Tirana. The writer Vehbi Bala speaking. Viktor Eftimiu who became an Honorary Member of the League of Writers and Artists of Albania delivering a public speech. Viktor Eftimiu visits Durres. He visits the Archaeological Museum of Durres. Durres. Durres port. Viktor Eftimiu visiting Kruje. The city of Kruja, the castle and the Skanderbeg monument. Comrade Enver Hoxha welcomes Viktor Eftimiu. Behar Shtylla, Nesti Nase, Misto Treska take part in the event. Comrade Enver Hoxha hugs Viktor Eftimiu. Vilson Kilica and Vehbi Bala attend the event. Comrade Haxhi Lleshi meets with Viktor Eftimiu. Nesti Nase, Rita Marko, Bilbil Klosi, Misto Treska, Ismail Kadare, and Foto Stamo attend the event. Comrade Haxhi Lleshi awards Viktor Eftimiu with the order of “Naim Frasher” of the first class. Victor kisses the order. Photos of Viktor Eftimiu’s works. Skampa cinema in Elbasan. Exterior and interior view. “The man who saw death with his eyes” the oeuvre written by Eftimiu. Actor Kiril Konomi attends the event. Viktor Eftimiu visits Korce. The children give him bouquets of flowers. He meets with artists at the “Ali Kelmendi” palace of culture. A program is given in his honour. A bagpipe is played. Kiril Konomi recites poems by Viktor Eftimiu. View of Boboshtice (village of Korce). Viktor Eftimiu’s birthplace. Warm welcome. Misto Treska. Viktor Eftimiu places flowers on the memorial plaques of the Boboshtice Martyrs’ Cemetery. The birth house of Viktor Eftimiu. Viktor Eftimiu talking. The fellow villagers give him a carpet. Viktor Eftimiu’s departure from Boboshtica. The film is dedicated to the academic Viktor Eftimiu of Albanian origin and resident in Romania.
Scriptwriter Kujtim Gjonaj
Camera Sokrat Musha
Editing Donika Muci
Sound L. Fortuzi
Category Documentaries
Year 1971
Release date 1971
Reels 2
Lenght (in minutes) 19.71
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Tirane,Korce,Elbasan.
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit