Reference Code I/2-61
Title Unforgettable days
Synopsis Movie starts with the newspapers reporting on the invitation of the Soviet Government to a delegation of the Albanian Party and Government for a visit to Soviet Union. Our delegation departs by steamship from the port of Durres. The delegation is headed by Mehmet Shehu; the delegation consists of comrades Gogo Nushi, Enver Hoxha, Rita Marko, Manush Myftiu, Pilo Peristeri, Kadri Azbiu, Spiro Koleka, Behar Shtylla, Ramiz Alia, Mihal Prifti and Haki Toska. The steamship leaves for Odesa. Dolphins following the steamboat. Odesa’s people came to the port to welcome our delegation. The welcome speech was delivered by the vice-chairman of the Council of Ministers of Ukraine, and then he greeted Comrade Mehmet Shehu. The delegation takes the train to Moscow. View of the Kremlin, the streets of Moscow. The leaders of the Soviet Party and state such as Khrushchev, Bulganin, etc. are at the train station to welcome the Albanian delegation. Mehmet Shehu and Bulganin parading. Comrade M. Shehu thanks for the warm and cordial welcome he received. The Albanian delegation made the first visit to the Prime Minister of the Soviet Union, Bulganin. Then the delegation was received by the President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, Comrade K. Voroshilov. The delegation was received by Nikita Khrushchev at the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Official talks between the governments of the two countries began on April 11. Our delegation pays a visit to the “Lenin-Stalin” museum, where it lays wreaths. The Albanian delegation goes to Tashkent with the TV-104 plane. The leaders of the local government and the people are waiting at the airport. The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Uzbekistan, comrade Komollov, gave a reception in honour of our delegation. The delegation visits a collective farm in Uzbekistan. A concert was given in honor of our delegation. The dancers are taken as members of the delegation in Uzbek dances. Mehmet Shehu and Rita Marko dancing. After the dance, they put on Uzbek robes and put on takija. The delegation visits Leningrad. Visiting the Museum of Figurative Arts, the palace of the pioneers and the factory “Lenin” where Enver Hoxha gave a public speech. The Albanian delegation visited “Lomonosov” University of Moscow. Comrade Spiro Koleka talking to the workers at the Textile Factory. Comrade. Enver talks to the distinguished worker Adrianova. The reception given by the ambassador of Albania in Moscow, Mihal Prifti. Khrushchev, Bulganin, Vroshilov, Molotov and other functionaries of the Soviet Party and state attend the reception. Enver Hoxha. A large rally was held on April 16, in Moscow where comrades Mehmet Shehu (Russian synchronist), Bulganin and Enver Hoxha (Albanian synchronist) spoke. The opera “Dama Pik” was performed in honor of our delegation at the ballet theatre. After the performance, Comrade Enver meeting with the artists on stage. The joint declaration was signed at the great palace of the Kremlin. It was signed by Bulganin, Mehmet Shehu, and Enver Hoxha. The great echo that had in our country the signing of the joint treaty between Albania and Soviet Union. People buying the newspapers. The workers and ordinary people talking about this event with great joy. The screen showing all the great works erected in Albania with the help of Soviet Union from the “Lenin” Hydropower Plant to the “New Albania” Kinostudio. People heading to the Soviet Embassy in Tirana to thank the Party and Government of Soviet Union. Our delegation leaving Moscow to return to the homeland on April 17. M. Shehu thanking for the hospitality manifested by the Soviet people and the government. On the way, the delegation stops in Kiev where it is met by the Party secretary and Kiritchenko. Placing wreaths on the graves of the martyrs, visiting the “Red Excavator” plant. Comrade Rita Marko at the rally. Taking a picture with the workers. The delegation comes to Albania on April 26. The leaders of the Party and the Albanian state, Hysni Kapo, Beqir Balluku, Koco Theodhosi, welcoming the delegation at the port of Durres. The gathered people cheering, Comrade Enver hugging comrades Hysni Kapo, Beqir Balluku, and Liri Belishova. Comrade Gogo Nushi at the rally organized in Durres. A rally is being organized in front of the State University of Tirana on the occasion of the arrival of the delegation, where comrades Mehmet Shehu (synchronous) Enver (synchronized) cheer together with the people. On the visit of the Albanian Government delegation to Moscow. A Soviet cameraman also helped in the shooting of the film.
Scriptwriter Sofokli Afezolli
Director Ilo Pando
Camera Jani Nano, Hamdi Ferhati, Agim Fortuzi, Sokrat Musha, Mandi Koci
Category Documentaries
Year 1957
Release date 1957
Reels 5
Lenght (in minutes) 39
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations B.S.
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit