Reference Code I/2-700
Title Treasure under the pine-woods
Synopsis A forest with tall pine trees. Geologists climbing the mountain. Geologists prospecting for minerals. Collection of samples from mountain rocks. Meeting of geologists with a popular researcher. Taking sample. Analyses done in the laboratory. The expedition is taking off. Drilling probes discharge. Krenar Cuci studying the maps. Zef Rama, secretary of the base organization, Liman Leka, Sadik Beqiraj talk about drilling. The mine covered with snow. Miners continuing their search in the gallery. Old miner Liman Leka learning with young people. Workers spending their free time in the game room. The news that traces of minerals have fallen in the gallery. Geologists,going into the mine, looking at the mineral layers. The probe that continues drilling in depth. The workers promise that will determine the new location until the opening day of the 7th Congress of the ALP November 1. The snowy forest. Side-by-side transportation of probes. Mounting the probe at a new study point. Extraction of samples. Female workers pulling the barbell. Worker unlocking the probe. Extraction of the mineral. Letters sent by geologists to Congress. Celebrations on this occasion. The amateurs of the artistic groups of Puke give an artistic performance in the town of geologists (synchronized).
Screenwriter Luan Dibra Harillaq Kekezi
Director Liri Brahimi
Camera Bashkim Asllani
Editing Androniqi Vangjeli
Category Documentaries
Year 1977
Release date 1977
Reels 2
Lenght (in minutes) 18
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Puke
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit