Reference Code I/1-73/1
Title Through the People’s Republic of Albania, 1956 (french version)
Description First reel: A great oeuvre. Reclamation of Terbufi. View of the Terbufi channel taken by plane. Thousands of hectares of land will now become fertile. Inauguration day. Assisted by Mehmet Shehu, Haxhi Lleshi, etc. Maqo Dhosi speaks. Mehmet Shehu cut the ribbon for the inauguration, the excavator opened the way for the channel and now the pouring of the waters of the marsh begins. Plan of the canal taken by plane. At the “Enver” hydropower plant. General view of the hydropower plant, a giant crane transports metal parts weighing several thousand kg. The works have entered the final phase. Working moments during assembly, etc. In the new combine. The Conservation Plant in Vlora, working moments, German engineers and technicians help Albanian colleagues, working women, etc. Installation of the thermal power plant in Cerrik. View from the assembly of internal machines, the final parts of the assembly of a powerful generator are welded, the works are directed by Soviet engineers. View of the hall during the works. SUBJECT 5 – In the forests of Puka, view of the city. The workers set out to cut pine trees in the unexploited forests. The workers saw, the pines being felled, their transport by rolling pin. They slide to the designated place, are stacked, and transported by transport wagon. View of the Arrezi field where they are processed. SUBJECT 6 – Act Two. A visit to the philologist Spiro Kondo. The postman brings a letter to the philologist Spiro Kondo. The philologist is sitting in a chair, his wife brings him the letter. It comes from the Institute of Sciences of the People’s Republic of Albania; in the letter it is announced that he has been appointed as a member of the Institute of Sciences. He dictates something to the secretary, the secretary types on the machine. The philologist doing gymnastics, walking in the streets of Korca, everyone greets him. Radio Korca. Spiro Kondo takes part in the orchestra of Korca Lira’s characteristic group, he plays the guitar. Subject 7 – Thermals. Thermal station in Elbasan. The bus comes from where they get off with hundreds of workers, young people, old people, villagers to heal and rest. The doctor visiting the sick. View of the thermal waters. A sick person bathing in the bath, another lying down. Outside view of the yard, some are resting while others are playing ping pong, chess, etc. Subject 8 – The pioneers at the train station perform the railway service, the Tirana train station, the pioneers get ready for the journey, they lead the train to Durres, the train arrived on time. During the journey, the train passes by the Sukth farm, etc. View of Sukth farm, train moving. The pioneers perform the service of the invoice, cut the ticket for Llazar Lipivan, etc. Passengers, the train is moving. Subject 9 – Exhibition of Figurative Arts in Tirana. View of the exhibition, paintings, various paintings such as “View of the coast” by Vangjush Miho, the sculptor Llazar Nikola talks about his sculpture to some colleagues. View of different sculptures.
Musical Arrangement
Cathegory Newsreels
Chroma Black and White
Year 1956
Reels 2
Length (in minutes) 13
Location Shqiperi
Producer Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
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