Reference Code I/2-130
Title Through Algeria and Morocco
Synopsis The steamship “Gjergj Kastrioti” sails in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. From a distance, you can discern the port of Algeria where our Ensemble of songs and dances is going for a visit. The Algerian representatives of art and culture , the ambassador of Albania, Munir Kroi, as well as the representatives of the Republic of China, Cuba and Korea welcome the Ensemble at the port. The city of Algiers is the city of contrasts, next to the grand palaces of the colonialists are the huts of the Algerian people. The tombstone of the nation’s martyrs stands in the middle of the city. The building of the Albanian Embassy. The concert attended by hundreds of spectators, Ibrahim Tukiqi sings Gjyle’s song, the dance troupe dancing the Albanian dance. The president of Algeria, Ahmet Ben Bala, goes on stage and greets the artists at the end of the show. Visiting the ancient Teveresten in Tipeza. Visiting the Chinese pavilion at the Afrisil fair. A beautiful mosque with Arabic architecture. Narrow street in Kazbah neighborhood, small market with stalls. Broken houses that have been the cradle of resistance. The place where the hero Emin Bel Kader fought in 1930. The gorge of Pulestre where the biggest battle against the French colonizers took place, here Colonel Amirush was heroically killed. The members of our Ensemble laid flowers on the graves of the Algerian martyrs. (276. 30m) Flags are placed on the balconies of the houses for the Independence Day. Ahmet Ben Bala and other state leaders, as well as the Albanian delegation headed by the first deputy minister of foreign affairs, Vasil Nathanaili, sit in the stands. There is a parade where young people, women, invalids etc. parade. An orphanage is inaugurated in the city. A reservoir built by volunteers. Our delegation visits a destroyed farm and talks with the head of the farm. During the visits, our delegation met with the people. Meeting a journalist who was in Albania during World War I. An Algerian says that in 1939, when Fascist Italy invaded our country, he held the banner in protest against the occupation. Visting the chief architect of the Dan city, who was an exiled Albanian from the time of Zog. Eqerem Arapi was with his family. The National Theatre of Oran performing . Our ensemble gives a concert for Algerian soldiers. Meliha Doda sings the Arabic song “Beautiful Girl” and the dance troupe dances the Tropoja dance. Visiting Oran. Visiting the base of atomic submarines and colonizers. Our ensemble leaves for Morocco. (2668. 30m) The ensemble arrives in Morocco by bus. People on camels. Wheat that is sold with kale. The governor of the city gives a reception for our ensemble. The city of Uzdah stands out for its Arabic architecture. Copper handicrafts at the bazaar. After three days our delegation goes to Rabat. Palaces of King Hasan II. Our ensemble takes part in the Melena festival for the Mediterranean countries. Chestnut dance, Qemal Kertusha singing the song “From Durres to Tirana”. Visiting the city museum, a 300-year-old building, a masterpiece of sculpture and decoration. Casablanca, the largest port in the Adriatic. After 5 days of visiting, our ensemble leaves for our homeland. (186. 50m) About the visit of the Albanian Ensemble to Algeria and Morocco.
Camera Hamdi Ferhati
Editing Ismail Balla
Category Documentaries
Year 1963
Release date 1963
Reels 3
Lenght (in minutes) 24
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
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