Reference Code I/2-95
Title Thrive Albania
Synopsis The ancient traditions of our country are reflected through an old man who plays the lute and sings to our country. The man singing with a lute on the edge of a rock. The song is accompanied by beautiful panoramas from Albania, orange branches, a village house, a small cataract, a valley, birds flying in the sky. View of the fortress of Kruje. Extracts from the film “Skanderbeg”, showing the heroic character of our people. Some pictures of the country’s before liberation. View of Albania during 1930-1939. The Italian fascists entering in Durres. The house where the Albanian Communist Party was established. A mother accompanying her partisan son. Partisan and guerrilla actions. Partisans climbing the mountain. The liberation of Tirana. The liberation flag is being raised and the German flags are torn. Beautiful flowers and the busts of heroes Qemal Stafa, Vasil Shanto, Zonja Curre, and Perlat Rexhepi. The cemetery of the martyrs in Korce. Mentor Xhemali singing with the army chorus. Mountains with mud. View of Tirana and Durres from the plane. View of the hydropower plant. (292. 80m) The explosion of mines. Well 542. Harvesting wheat with a thresher. View of mines and oil wells. Our land is rich. View of the field of Cerrik and the built-up Cerrik maple. Ships with goods are unloaded at the harbour of Durres. The Albanian delegation at the United Nations. Reiz Malile. Different planes landing in the field of aviation. A group of pioneers getting on the plane, while an engineer who graduated from the USSR, a Soviet engineer who came to help, and Todi Bozo’s mother who spent a few days at her son’s daughter-in-law’s house getting off a Soviet plane at Moscow. The renown worker Nikoll Gjergj quits his job at the textile factory. Working with his family. Nikola proposes the formation of the socialist brigade at the meeting. The shoe factory in Tirana. Korce’s knitwear and Elbasan’s wood factories. Driver Haki Jakupi, hero of socialist work, with his car. Dhermi holiday camp, beautiful images. (280. 10m) Girls on the beach singing the song of the waves. A lonely girl sitting on a rock. The steamship that brings the Albanian exiles as tourists arriving at the port of Durres. Tourists heading to Tirana by bus. View of Tirana, kindergarten children walking on the street. The old bazaar of Tirana, different artisans. Neon lamps are placed in Tirana’s streets. The emigrants taking pictures with their family members and send them as souvenirs to Austria under the name of Hasan Feko. The State University. View of the laboratories. Josif Sharra presenting his thesis in engineering. Graduation ceremony . The young engineer Josif Sharra returns to the village to spend the holidays, while other recently graduated students going to the Bistrice hydropower plant. The site where Bistrica originates. Sali Vata talking with the young engineer. (291. 20m) View of Gjirokastrre. View of Butrint and the sea. The castle of Gjirokastra and Drino. Two miners Shaban Xhema and Zini Muco in the tunnel. A rope bridge over the river. Hydropower plant completed. Durres coastal area and girls sunbathing in the sun. The opera “Mrika” is staged at the theatre of Shkodra. The bonification of agricultural land. Two bulls passing through the canal. Villagers filling water wells. The swamp filled with mosquitoes, and now the canal is being inaugurated. Enver Hoxha and Spiro Koleka attend the inauguration ceremony. Canal water flowing into the sea. Cultivated land. Harvesting tobacco, wheat and vineyards. View of Dropulli. Girls filling water, women working wool. The cooperative “Asim Zeneli” how was in the past and how it has changed today (extracts from the documentary film “9th Spring”). The Bust of Asim Zeneli. The chairman of the cooperative visits a kolkhoz of Soviet Union where they give him 50 sheep of the breed. 286. 80m) The harvesters harvesting the wheat, the girls picking the cotton in Myzeqe. The grape and citrus harvest. Villagers singing and drinking wine at dinner. Our ensemble gives a show for the villagers. A wedding is being held in Dardhe. Comparison with the past (aspects from a date in the 30s). The happy bride together with the groom smear the door with milk in line with the custom. Beautiful coastal sunset. Sahati bar by night in Tirana . Crowded streets and the People’s Theatre. Artists Ibrahim Tukici, Avni Mula, Xhoni Athanas singing and walking. Beautiful floral panoramas . Children sleeping. The caretaker takes care of them . View of a beautiful dawn. (240. 40m) Rest camp of pioneers in Durres. Children doing gymnastics, then bathing. Various activities at the pioneers’ palace. Circle of tailoring, violin, radio engineering, and painting. The harvest of the palace. The Ballet school where girls practice. A ballet performance. The fine arts exhibition in Moscow, where you can admire the hall of Albanian paintings. The artworks of our best painters and sculptors. The joint declaration is signed in the Kremlin. Khrushchev’s arrival in Albania, the welcome given to him by the Albanian people. Enver Hoxha and Nikita Khrushchev speaking at the rally organized on this occasion. Eagle flying in the sky, views of mountain peaks, vineyards, yellow field flowers, red roses, rainbow, flowering trees. (249. 60m)
Screenwriter Llazar Siliqi Ilia Kopalin
Scriptwriter Llazar Siliqi
Director Ilia Kopalin
Composer Kristo Kono
Camera N Varoncov A Levitah Jani Nano
Designer Xhevat Behri, op/zeri
Category Documentaries
Year 1959
Release date 1959
Reels 6
Lenght (in minutes) 54
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
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