Reference Code I/2-686
Title Three decades of Albanian cinema
Synopsis Aspects from Albania at the time of Zog, his wedding ceremony. View of the National Liberation battle numbers. Partisans entering in the liberated cities. Liberation Day, Comrade Enver Hoxha with flowers in his hands, a partisan raises the flag. Enver Hoxha speaking in the stands. Aspects from the documentary “Commander visits South Albania”. Aspects from the 1st congress of ACP Enver Hoxha speaking. Aspects from filming on the Durres-Tirana youth railway. Chronicles shot during the years 1947-1952. The inauguration of the “Stalin” textile plant and the “Lenin” hydropower plant. The inauguration of Kinostudio. The documentary “Letter from the village”. Aspects from the film “Pusi 542”. Aspects from the documentary “Light on Albania”. Street of Light. Aspects from the documentary “4 songs for the Party”. Enver Hoxha meeting with the sailors. The rally in front of the Party’s Central Committee. Aspects from the documentary “When November Comes” and “Reportage from Kurbneshi”. The construction of black metallurgic factory. Aspects from “Poem for steel”, “Ferza Ushton”, “Light over the tunnel”, “With the builders of a work”, “In the flames of the revolution”. The documentary films “December ’67”, “Biri i Partise”, “Cuca trimereshe”, “Qemal Stafa”, “They don’t die”, “Vellezerit Topulli”, “Migjeni”. The documentary film “Migjeni”, “Gjirokastra” “Illyrian cities”, “The antiquity of a city” “,”In the footsteps of a tradition”, “Folk art of woodworking”, “Our carpets”, “Inexhaustible source”. Scenes from the film “nuclear radiation”, “Hybrid corn”, “Earth”, “June and wheat”, “Children and harvesters”. Aspects from the films “Vigilant guard”, “An iron firm”, “Four songs for the Party”, “At the Party assemblies”, “Assembly in Bjeshke”, “Enver Hoxha’s meeting with people”, Enver Hoxha addressing the third congress. Shooting moments in the snow. Featuring Albanian film during the period 1957-1977. Featuring film posters. Hysen Hakani shooting the film “Her Children”. Episode from the movie. Aspects from the movies “Tana”, “Debatik”. Aspects from the movie “Our Land”, Piro Mani during the shooting of the movie “The first years”. Beqir Vaqari, Xhevdet Beri and Piro Milkani. Aspects from “Commissioner of Light”. Aspects from the movie “Silent Duel” and from “The Death “. Aspects from the movie “Ambush”, “Eighth in the Bronx” and “Open Horizons”. Aspects from the movie “The explosion “, “Groove” as well as the posters of the movies “Perse bie kjo daulle”, “Trace”, and “Conscience”. Aspects from the movie “Odyssey of Fans”, “Captain”. Movie poster “Searching for the 5-o’clock”, “When the Masks Come Off”, “Spring Trip”, “The Happy Couple”. Scenes from the movie “White Streets”, “The Confrontation”, “Lady from the City”, multiplex movie posters. The movie poster “When it dawned on a day” as well as scenes from the movies “Warpaths”, “The Last Winter”, “The Alleys Seeking Sun”, “Beni Walks On His Own”, “Fires that Cut”, “Poppies on the Wall”. Posters of other films.
Screenwriter Luan Rama
Director Gezim Erebara
Editing Atalanta Pasko
Sound Koco Tollko
Category Documentaries
Year 1977
Release date 1977
Reels 12
Lenght (in minutes) 105
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Tirane
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit