Reference Code I/2-343
Title They broke up the mountain
Synopsis Rugged mountains. The flow of the Sote river. The waters are divided into a raging flow of today. A beautiful cataract. Canal will irrigate thousands of hectares of land. On the occasion of the inauguration of the beginning of the works, comrades Xhevahir Spahiu, Sul Baholli, P. Dobbiba take part in the inauguration. Comrade Sul Baholli speaks. The rock where the channel will pass. The beginning of the works. Mine explosion. Rock rolling. A snake leaves its centuries-old nest and runs to escape. Beqir Kalia proposes to reduce the capacity of the canal by opening several tunnels in the countries. Beqir Kalia thinking about the new plan for the tunnels. Draws the new outline. A very beautiful sunrise. The picketer of the channel led by Beqiri climbing the steep. The sleeping silos. Canteens of volunteers. Meeting of volunteers to discuss the new variant. They volunteer for the most difficult fronts. Characteristic rugged mountains. Mine explosion. The rock work. Volunteer miners climbing with ropes. Alarm. Disaster. The collapse of the tunnel has trapped the comrades inside. They come to help. The work on the canal siphon. Pipes are welded. Volunteers crossing the river with tubes in their arms. The rally for the inauguration of the channel. Comrade Hajri Hoxha speaks. Friends Sul Baholli and Shefqet Peci. The water channel. Corn irrigation. Dancing with drum. The film is dedicated to the construction of the Sotes irrigation canal, Diber.
Scriptwriter Muharrem Skenderi
Composer Mira Mamaqi
Camera M. Fagu
Editing K. Kotmilo
Sound Xhevat Behri
Category Documentaries
Year 1970
Release date 1970
Reels 3
Lenght (in minutes) 24
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Diber
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit