Reference Code I/4-35
Title The snow-boy
Synopsis It’s a cold winter day. A little child warmly wrapped in his clothes, goes out to play with the snow. The snow flakes fall thick and fast on him and cover him with such a layer that the others think he is made of snow. Smitten with curiosity they follow him and when they catch him they find that, in fact, he is none other but one of their friends. The boy feels ashamed. He won’t put on so many clothes again, no metter how cold it may be.
Screenwriter Kristaq Mitro
Director Vlash Droboniku
Composer Diana Demi
Camera Vangjush Valla
Animator Vlash Droboniku
Editing Atalanta Pasko
Sound Loni Progri
Category Animation
Chroma Colour
Year 1981
Length 5.1
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