Reference Code I/4-43
Title The kids and the wolf
Synopsis The three kids are happy and cosy in their snow-bound house. The hungry wolf hovers around racking his brain how to catch the three kids. The solid door of the little house somehow drives him back, but yet he does not give up his plan. The wolf knocks on the door and calls on the kids trying to imitate mother goat’s voice. The kids who know very well the warm voice of their mother and her white leg immediately realize that this is the predatory wolf and they think of playing a bold trick on him… After many efforts the wolf finds himself inside the happy home… in a cauldron full of boiling water. When mother goat comes back she feels very proud of her children’s cleverness and courage.
Screenwriter Arben Shehu
Director Artur Dauti
Composer Aleksandër Peçi
Camera Diana Diamanti
Animator Artur Dauti
Editing Shpresa Papapavllo
Sound Flora Uka
Category Animation
Chroma Colour
Year 1982
Length 7
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit