Reference Code I/2-21
Title The glorious path
Synopsis Movie starting with the Philharmonic choir singing the song of Albania. The actor Andon Pano reciting. Beautiful scenery from North Albanian and magnificent coast landscapes. Sunflowers field. The image of the city of Vlora, old castles, Kruja’s castle, the bust of Naim Frasheri. Cloudy and snowy mountains. Photos of Albanian patriots: Haxhi Qamili, Cerciz Topulli, Themistokli Germenji, Avni Rustemi, Bajram Curri. Photo of Lenin. The document that reveals the secret treaty of London. Paying homage to Lenin’s memory at the Albanian parliament, Porto Romano, prisons, assassinated people. Photos of Bajram Curri, Riza Ceroves, photos from various demonstrations. View of Gjirokastra, the photo of Enver Hoxha and Ali Kelmendi. The Italian invaders entering in Durres and Tirana. The photo of Enver Hoxha in war demonstrations, his fake documents, the fascists’ letter ordering Enver’s Hoxha arrest. German planes bombing. The Red Army, Stalin addressing the public. Albanians listening to Radio of Moscow. The house where the Albanian Communist Party was established. The Party’s appealing to the people. Fascist cutting the telephone wires. Photo of Enver Hoxha on the mountain and at the memorial in Peze. The house where the general headquarters of LANC was founded, Labinot. Enver Hoxha at the country’s first conference. View of Vithkuq village in Korce district. Photographs of war leaders; Mehmet Shehu, Gogo Nushi, Hysni Kapo, Beqir Balluku, Bedri Spahiu, and Spiro Koleka. Photo of Margarita Tutulan’s older brother, photo; an addict. View from the burnt and liberated city of Permet. Photo of the General Staff of the National Liberation Army and the General Staff of the Albanian Antifascist Youth. Photo of the delegates of the Youth Congress. Partisans climbing the mountains, Soviet planes, German troops hiding. The flag of liberation is being raised. Our leaders standing in the tribune. Showing the devastation caused by the war. The beginning of the construction of the first railway. The newspaper reporting about the first congress of the Albanian Communist Party. Enver Hoxha giving a public speech. In the port of Durres, help comes from Soviet Union. The month of friendship is being celebrated with Soviet Union in Tirana. A Soviet Union delegation led by Nicajev comes in Tirane for this special occasion. The delegation visiting Korce and Stalin City, where Veli Allibej speaks on behalf of the workers. The delegation meeting with the carpenter Pjeter Alldash and the engineer Ramiz Xhabia. Views from Shkodra and Durres cities and the wood factory in Elbasan. Villagers opening irrigation canals, constructing new roads, etc. Photo of Enver Hoxha and Stalin. View of Tirana, view of Selite, water flowing from above, mine explosion, Albanian and Soviet engineers. The hydropower plant “Lenin”, Soviet and Albanian engineering. Machines are assembled at the “Stalin” textile plant. Schoolgirls next to Kombinat factory, voluntary work at the Kombinat, the cotton gin factory in Elbasan. Cotton harvesting in the fields of Fier. Basti Bagirova showing his experience in cotton harvesting. View from Maliqi’s marsh and beetroot planting. Maliq’s farm. The zootechnical center of Shkoder. Qefsere Selimi with the cotton harvesting brigade. Border guards, Greek provocations, burnt wheat, people wounded in the hospital. Spies about to receiving popular judgment; espionage tools, sailors acting as guards, the wealth of the country. Harvesting olives, oranges and lemons. Discussing about institutions and schools such as the Medical Technical College, the Pedagogical Institute, and the Agricultural Institute. Enver Hoxha visiting the schools, Beqir Balluku talking to the students. Kindergarten children. The Palace of Culture and the activities that take place there. Sculptor Janaq Paço working for the Skanderbeg monument. The staging of “The Fountain of Bakhchisaray” ballet. The Youth Congress is being held. The Soviet delegation headed by the youth secretary Mikoillov addressing the Congress with the red flag. View from the house where the Central Youth Committee was established. New members like Theodhor Maqo adhere to the Central Youth Committee. Young people standing in front of the bust of the hero Qemal Stafa. Becoming pioneers. The miners signing the peace pact. Enver and Stalin in Moscow. The Peace Pact is also being signed by the villagers of Kurvelesh, the mountaineers of Ivanaj and the “Enver” factory workers. The first volume of Stalin’s oeuvres is being published in Albanian language . View from the V. I Lenin Party school in Tirana. In the museum of Moscow there is the book “The history of Soviet Union Communist Party. ” pierced by a bullet. Comrade Enver donating a vase of soil from the soil of Stalingrad at the National Liberation museum in Tirana. Comrades Beqir Balluku, and Rita Marko assisting Enver Hoxha who is talking with Gogo Nushi and some members of the Soviet Union delegation. Enver Hoxha welcoming the Chinese, Spanish and East German delegations that arrived in Durres’ harbour on the occasion of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Albanian Labour Party. A manifestation is being held at the “Qemal Stafa” stadium, where the words: Stalin, Enver, and Peace are written. Inaugurating the sugar factory in Maliq. The first sugar produced was donated to Enver Hoxha and the Soviet ambassador Cuvakin. Foreign delegations visiting the textile factory. Comrade Mehmet Shehu participates as well. Enver Hoxha. Inaugurating “Lenin” hydroelectric plant. Enver Hoxha cutting the inauguration ribbon. A solemn conference is being held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Albanian Labour Party where Enver Hoxha addresses the public. Mehmet Shehu assisted by comrades Pilo Peristeri, Rita Marko, Gogo Nushi, and Enver Hoxha. Hysni Kapo reading the P. K. B. S. telegram. Foreign delegations and people’s representative giving public speeches. The conference is welcomed by the chairman of the Chinese delegation, Wan Cen, the representative of the Bulgarian delegation, Rodernko Vidinski, and the representative of the Argentinian delegation. The Mongolian delegation handing the red flag to Enver Hoxha. Comrade Misto Treska reading the telegrams sent by Mao Zedong and Kim Il Sen. Negri Nikolla speaking on behalf of the workers, Qamil Hysa speaking on behalf of the peasants, Lufti Islamaj speaking on behalf of the soldiers and border guards. Comrade Bedri Spahiu reading the telegram sent to Comrade Stalin. The Stalin monument is being inaugurated. Enver Hoxha showing the monument to the public. Documentary film on the 10th anniversary of the Albanian Labour Party . Film director: I. Djukov. Conductor: A. Roitman.
Screenwriter Ilia Kopalin, Llazar Siliqi
Scriptwriter Llazar Siliqi
Director Ilia Kopalin Endri Keko
Composer Kristo Kone
Camera A. Sjonim R. Hallushakov I. Zajcev Jani Nano Agim Fortuzi
Sound V. Kotov
Category Documentaries
Year 1952
Release date 1952
Reels 8
Lenght (in minutes) 77
Country of origin Shqiperi dhe B.S.
Shooting locations Ne te gjithe Shqiperine
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit