Reference Code I/2-80
Title The festival of peace and friendship
Synopsis Young Albanians leaving for the 7th Youth and Students festival organized in Vienna, Austria. Other young people greeting the festivalgoers. Young people leave for Vienna at the train stations in Poland, and Moscow, etc. Vienna with its large stadium that has a capacity of 120, 000 seats. Albanian youth parading first. Tito Skipa, the Italian singer and his wife, are also in the stadium. Arab, Bulgarian, Brazilian, German, Guinea, Gama and Indian youth parade. Iraqi youth parading ; the Italian youth has the mantle of the Soviet Sputnik (artificial satellite). Heroic young Cubans marching, followed by Chinese, Polish, Soviet youth. The parade is covered by the host youth of Austria. Young people from five continents dancing the Strauss’s waltz. Albanian youth shopping in Vienna with Arab and Italian youths. They cross the bridge named after Malinovski, they visit the monument of the unknown soldier, the grave of engineer Karl Geges, whose name is also a square in Austria, they visit the museum where Skanderbeg’s sword and helmet are kept. Young people visit the town of Neue Vieschtant, where they get to know and befriend the townspeople. There are signs of World War II in this city. Visiting Mat Hausen, the extermination camp, where personal mementos of the victims are sold. Among the many victims, the four brothers of Roza Stonje can be seen in the photo, as well as the photos of the Albanians Kozma Nushi and Telat Noga. The Soviet general Kaebishev also died here. Young people laying wreaths at the memorial of 30, 000 Soviets who died here. They see the monument of a victim. Young people planting the tree of friendship. During the festival, our youth had many meetings with young people from different countries of the world, in one of these meetings the head of the Albanian delegation, Todi Lubonja, addressed the youth. Young people exchanging gifts, Mentor Xhemali singing in front of friends, Fitnete Rexha also sings. Young women meeting’s day . Young people walking through the streets of Vienna. The famous bassist Paul Robson singing a song at the Heroes’ Square. A Chinese girl releasing a dove. Young people dancing and having fun with different toys. Young people exploding fireworks and saying goodbye to each other. On the 7th festival of Youth and Students in Vienna.
Scriptwriter Dritero Agolli
Camera Agim Fortuzi
Editing Shkelzen Shala
Category Documentaries
Year 1959
Release date 1959
Reels 2
Lenght (in minutes) 20
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Shqiperi;Vjene
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit