Reference Code I/2-3
Title The commandant visiting central and south Albania
Synopsis In the deprived region of Myzeqe, the villagers are waiting for the visit of Enver Hoxha. He talked to the villagers of Myzeqe and placed floral wreaths on the graves of the martyrs. During his visit in Ballsh of Mallakastres , he asked the peasants to form cooperatives and then placed floral wreaths on the martyrs ‘graves. View from the city of Vlora, people awaiting the arrival of Comrade Enver Hoxha. Pandi Kristo, Mehmet Shehu, and Hysni Kapo are also part of the national delegation. Enver Hoxha is addressing ordinary people, then visiting the martyrs’ graves. In the city of greenhouses, Selenice, Comrade Enver is talking to ordinary people. Images of destroyed houses and cars. In Kuc of Kurvelesh, Enver Hoxha, after delivering a public speech, accompanies the mother of Asim Zeneli to the martyrs’ tombs. Displaying Enver Hoxhe’s visit to Gjirokaster , showing images of the house where he lived and the school where he studied. Visiting Kelcyre, Permet, Berat, Korce, Lushnje, and Elbasan. Showing images of Enver Hoxhe’s visit to Pogradec and Maliq, where the drying of Maliq’s swamp is being celebrated. Comrade Spiro Koleka and Soviet engineers are attending this celebration. Afterwards, visiting the city of Korce and Vithkuq. After 17 days of visiting several Albanian cities, the delegation returns to Tirana. On September 29, 1947, Enver Hoxha is visiting several cities and worksites.
Director V Nenadovic
Camera Mandi Koci N. Noli Hamdi Ferhati
Category Documentaries
Year 1947
Release date 1947
Reels 3
Lenght (in minutes) 22
Country of origin Jugosllavi
Shooting locations Myzeqe;Ballsh;Vlore;Selenice;Kuc;Gjirokaster;Kelcyre;Permet;Berat;Kucove;Lushnje;Elbasan;Korce;etj
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