Reference Code I/2-247
Title The bravest man
Synopsis The film begins with the mountains of Skrapar. The village of Verzhezhe, the birthplace of Fuat Celes. The house of Fuat Celes. His sister reads the press at home. Fuati worked in the agricultural cooperative. Fuati, learning to write, sends the first letter to his friend Enver. Comrade Enver sends a letter to Fuat Celes, The national meeting of distinguished young people in action is organized at the great palace of culture. Fuat Cela also takes part in the meeting. Comrades Ramiz Alia, Agim Mero, etc. attend the meeting. Photos from the meeting of Fuat Celes with his friend Enver Hoxha are shown. Young men and women distinguished for their action work on the Rrogozhine-Fier railway. Fuati also works. Fuati returns to Verzhezhe, talks with the villagers. Fuati presents to the village teacher and at the same time to his first teacher a photo of him together with his friend Enver Hoxha. The Organization of the Verzhezhe accepts Fuat as Party Chairman. Fuati addresses the party members. Teki Malindi, the First Secretary of the Skrapar district, hands over the title of Party Chairman to Fuati. Young volunteers from Lushnja come to Verzhezhe to clear new lands. Fuati works together with them. Fuati makes cobblestones, covers the roof with straw, does various jobs. Views of the terraces. About Fuat Cela.
Scriptwriter F Bellovca
Composer Donika Muci
Camera Pashko Como
Editing Marianthi Xhako
Sound Asim Raxhimi
Category Documentaries
Year 1968
Release date 1968
Reels 1
Lenght (in minutes) 10
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Skrapar, Verzhezhe
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit