Reference Code I/2-91
Title The border guard
Synopsis Documentary starting with the happy life of our children. Children riding horses or playing. People work diligently in the mines. Elbasan deputy Aleksander Xhuvani is at his studio. The boats discharging the cargo, working hard at the textile factory. The farmer ploughing the land while the border guards guarding the highest peaks of the homeland. Displaying brave border guards like Vangjel Dabella, Nevruz Martini and sergeant Zef Terma from Vermoshi. The view of Vermoshi, the house of Zef Terme, his 70-year-old father fought against the enemies. Zefi’s mother, together with her grandsons, visiting the graves of the boys, Nicholas (the boys’ father) and the pioneer rooster, who were thrown from Mount Thate by the enemies. A frontiersman talks to some pioneers about this event. The border guards guarding the post from Greek border guards who throw stones at our post. The tombstone of the border guard , Hajdar Hoxha, killed by the Greeks. His burial was in Kruje. Mountaineers often come to the border post. Prel Prelata and his friend promise to the commander of the post that they will be loyal to the party. The border guards training the dogs, singing, or dancing with the cattle, while Vangjeli writes a letter. A ship with border guards guarding the sea, today on guard is Tomorri. Beautiful coastal views in the evening. The commander of the border guards, showing them the area, they have to protect in Vermoshe. No movements at the borders, at night. Signalling with rockets, the villagers taking their weapons, the border guards are mobilized to protect the area. The enemy was captured. Questioning the enemy, his materials are seized. The enemy was sent by Tito Tamanovi for the purpose of espionage. (synchronous). The old man rhapsodically singing a song for the party. Mountaineers gathering around the border post dressed in new clothes, they dance in front of the border guards. The commander gives the letters of commendation to Preg Prelac and Zef Pet. Snowy mountains sceneries and the border guards . There is a parade of the popular army being organized in Tirana. There is a parade at the Moscow’s Red Square. Intercontinental ballistic missiles are seen. Soldiers parading with the new weapons that our army has. Border guards guarding land and coastal areas. Documentary on border guards.
Screenwriter Endri Keko
Scriptwriter Llazar Siliqi
Director Endri Keko
Camera Jani Nano
Category Documentaries
Year 1959
Release date 1959
Reels 3
Lenght (in minutes) 25
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
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