Reference Code I/2-48
Title The 9-th spring
Synopsis Movie begins with the recitation by actress Besa Imami of Naim’s verses from “Bageti e Bujqesi” accompanied by magnificent panoramas. Shepherds come to pour money into the savings box at the city of Gjirokastra, . Enver Aliu of the livestock cooperative “Asim Zeneli” paying 30 thousand Lek, while shepherd Nazif Shendoj paying 18 thousand Lek. The children of Progonat setting up livestock cooperatives in the village, the first temporary houses are being erected in stone stables. The cooperative has 1500 sheep at the beginning. The shepherd with a big doggy. The meeting of the chairmanship of the cooperative is being held. Since 1948 a big change is noticed. Evanthia, the zootechnician from the district of Gjirokastre, joins the cooperative. She looks at the sheep and gives instructions so that the flock of sheep to be in good health. Artificial lighting is being prepared at the station (231 m). Milking of goats, milk is being collected and kackavall cheese is being made, etc. Comfortable residential houses are being built in the village. Shepherds planting the gardens near their houses. Sheep shearing period. Shepherd Nazif Skendaj shears 80 sheep a day. He put a sheep’s wool on the chairman’s arm. Children eating yogurt and guarding sheep, etc. The factory of woollen fabrics in Tirana. Cooperatives buying stuff. (210 m) The accountant of the cooperative buys raki in Gjirokaster. The day of migration is being celebrated in the village. The day after dinner, the herd of cattle together with the shepherds embarking in a journey. While those who live in the village take care of the cattle’s food, collecting the grass and turning it into miller. Women spinning cattle wool and working with flannel, and carpets, etc. Before there was no doctor in the village but now doctor Vasili comes to visit the sick and talk to the villagers about how to prevent the diseases . New houses have been built in this village; the villagers have sewing machines at home. A woman bathing a child, while old men remembering the past while smoking. A young boy narrates how his father used to whip him. Shaban Rizai and Enver Haxhiu are waiting for the released officer Mema Hitaj to return to the village. The Shepherd guarding the grazing sheep. Map of Albania showing how many livestock cooperatives have been established in the country. (215. 60 m) Documentary film on the establishment of the first livestock cooperative.
Scriptwriter Llazar Siliqi
Director Endri Keko
Camera Jani Nano
Category Documentaries
Year 1956
Release date 1956
Reels 3
Lenght (in minutes) 23
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Gjirokaster;Kurvelesh;Progonat
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