Reference Code I/2-208
Title The 5th Congress of the Labour Party of Albania
Synopsis Thousands of workers, schoolchildren, and students took part in the great demonstration that was held in front of C.C.A.L.P on October 31, 1966. Foreign delegations are together with our demonstrator such as Zhak Gripa etc. Greeting the demonstrators on the balcony: E. Hoxha, M. Shehu, H. Kapo, A. Carcani, B. Balluku, R. Marko, S. Koleka, etc., Congress delegates come from the Durres on November 1. Foreign delegates such as Kon Shen, climbing the stairs to the congress, Zhak Gripa etc. entering the congress hall. Comrade E. Hoxha comes to the congress where he is welcomed by H. Kapo or R. Marko, R. Alia, G. Nushi, M. Myftiu, etc. In the midst of great enthusiasm comrade E. Hoxha opens the congress. (synchronous Comrades E. Hoxha, M. Myftiu, H. Kapo, R. Alia, G. Nushi, B. Balluku, F. Serani, etc) are at the presidium . In the hall among the delegates is comrade Veleshja. (167.10) Comrade E. Hoxha reporting on the activity of the C.C.A.L.P. (synchronous). Comrade E. Hoxha proposes 2 minutes of mourning for those who died during thr construction of socialism as well as those who fight against imperialism. Comrade E.Hoxha continues the report (synchronously). The delegates reporting Rexhep Kolli, Nesti Nase, Thoma Deljena, etc. Foreign delegates such as Kau Shen and Zhak Gripa greeting comrade Enver Hoxha. (224.20) Filming on the 5th congress of A.L.P
Scriptwriter Muarrem Skenderi
Director Shkelzen Shala
Composer Ismail Balla
Camera Agim Fortuzi Dhimiter Lala Niko Theodhosi Muqerrem Fuga Ilia Terpini Sokrat Musha
Editing Vangjeli Celi
Category Documentaries
Year 1966
Release date 1966
Reels 2
Lenght (in minutes) 13
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit