Reference Code I/2-697
Title The 19-th brigade
Synopsis The 30th anniversary party of the 19th Assault Brigade. General view of Saranda. People welcoming the former partisans of the 19th brigade. They pay homage to the graves of the martyrs. Panorama of Konispol. View of the monument where the brigade was formed. Meeting of former partisans with border guards. Panorama of Saranda taken from the plane. The landing of the British troops in Sarande and their return. Former partisans dancing and singing. View of Delvina. Speaks (synchronously). Agim Cuci and Niko Dalani talking to the pioneers (simultaneously). The rally organized on this occasion. Former commissioner Thoma Xixho represents the force. Jordan Panio opens the rally. Ramiz Alia (simultaneous) speaks on behalf of the Central Committee of the Party. Listening to Spiro Metalino and Spiro Xhai. Partisan troops marching. The tomb of Lefter Talos. Panorama of the fields from the plane. View of bogs and their bonification . Systemized Vrugu. Coastal terraces. The soldiers of the 19th brigade marching.
Screenwriter Spiro Xhai
Director Gezim Erebara
Camera Jovan Kondakci
Editing Emine Kasapi
Category Documentaries
Year 1974
Release date 1974
Reels 1
Lenght (in minutes) 9.76
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Sarande
Producers Kinostudio”Shiperia e Re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit