Reference Code I/2-415
Title Some neurological diseases
Synopsis Doctor Ali Kuqo presents the symptoms of diseases of the nervous system such as: polyneuritis or polyneuropathy, as well as their classifications. Side effects (effects) caused by sulphanilamide. Toxic side effects caused by sulphanilamide in the central and peripheral nervous system. Presentation of polyneuritis cases. Illustration of these diseases in hospitalized patients who suffer from these diseases. Paresis of the legs, staggered gait, decreased muscle strength, atrophy of the legs and hands. A patient cured after treatment. Another patient completely cured. Corridor of the hospital. A patient with a walking gait who is supported by a cane. Test of holding the hammer horizontally. Patients healed and in a good mood as a result of returning to normal life. Disorder of porphyrin metabolism. Intermittent porphyria acute. A patient suffering from this disease and the explanation of the symptoms he exhibits, such as: the stork’s neck symptom. Classification of pesticides that cause this type of disease. Poisoning. Five different patients poisoned and the symptoms they present. Phenol poisoning. After 3 – 4 weeks of acute poisoning, in some patients polyneuropathy developed. The patient poisoned with phenol presents flaccid tetra paresis of the distal type. Sick patient with multiple sclerosis. The doctor performs reflex tests. Fresh foci of demyelination. Schiller’s disease. Encephalitis and their classifications. Some patients with encephalitis: diffuse encephalomyelitis, horizontal nystagmus, finger to nose tip test. A patient with fungal encephalitis accompanied by dysphonia, aphagia, atrophy of the tongue and nasal speech. Demonstration of a patient. Thoracic atrophy of a patient. A case of encephalitis after measles, the test of the sole of the knee. A patient with spinal arachnoid who now has improvements after physiotherapy. Doctor Ali Kuqo presents several cases of patients with damage to the extremital system. Tremor, muscular dystonia, scoliosis, torticollis, tortipelvic. Muscular diseases. A case of myasthenia gravis. The doctor asks a patient about her concerns (synchronous). Characteristics of this disease illustrated with photos. Myopathy poses. Doctor Ali Kuqo explains the nervous system (synchronous). Hysteria. Hysterical abazi. Self-injury of patients (photo). Cerebral vascular diseases. The patient, after a myocardial infarction, suffered cerebral thromboembolism with right hemiplegia. Interview with a patient (synchronous). Degenerative diseases. A case with bulbar and amyotrophic syndrome. Interview with a patient (synchronous) who explains the concerns he has. Test of reflexes with neurological disability. A child suffering from congenita. This disease has completely disappeared today. Surgery room. A sick child was operated on and has a positive result. It does not present with pathological reflexes. Three cases where the surgical intervention gave positive results.
Category Documentaries
Year 1971
Release date 1971
Lenght (in minutes)
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
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