Reference Code I/2-156
Title Shoulder to shoulder
Synopsis Documentary starts with a Chinese lady moderating a show given by our artists in Beijing. Maliq Herri, Ramiz Kovaci, Mentor Xhemali and Hysen Pelingu. Beautiful panoramas of the lake and rice fields in China. Chinese soldiers and women guard the border on the coast. Beautiful Albanian landscapes, bordering the sea and mountain views, coastal views, Kruje castle, Skanderbeg monument. The national liberation war. Liberation of Albania, Tirana, Enver Hoxha, Hysni Kapo. (275. 60m) Work in mines. Tisazhi of Shkodër, Kucova, the oil refinery in Cerrik, the hydropower plant of Bistrice, the construction of the port of Durres and ships that are unloaded such as the ships “Vlora” and “International” which travels to China have Chinese and Albanian passengers. Chinese artists performing in the evening on the coast in Tirana. The clock in Tirana shows 12: 10, in Beijing it is 5 am. Vivacious streets in Beijing. Walls carvings from the popular revolution. (276. 40m) The delegation of the Professional Associations of Albania, which visits the Chinese wall, disembarks at the Beijing airport. Life in China. Ski racing, girls on skates, boat trips on the lake, banana picking in a commune. Working through rice paddies and unloading a steamship with olive seedlings coming from Albania. Tsu En Lai planting the first seedling. Again, in Albania. Life in the village. Works for opening canals and electrification in the village. Women making carpets, churning buttermilk. Chinese and Albanian geologists going to the mountains to discover underground resources. (268. 70m) Mine of Mborje Drenove. The members of the Chinese expedition visiting the mine director’s house. The director’s son studies in China. The boy’s study in China, laboratory work and trips. Chinese students studying together with Albanian students. Chinese pioneers teaching in an Albanian primary school. Exhibition in a factory, steel smelting plant. Mao Zedong among the workers. The car and tractor factory in China producing tractors for Albania. Chinese harvesting corn. The women of the cooperative harvest the corn. The army comes to the aid of the village. The Chinese ambassador Lo Shi Gao and other members of the Chinese embassy visits the agricultural cooperative Mao Zedong in Divjake. The members of our Embassy go to the municipality “Albanian – Chinese Friendship” in Beijing. (238. 8m) It starts with the Chinese film festival in Albania. Exchange of delegations. The delegation of religion and culture of the Republic of China in a meeting with Enver Hoxha, while the delegation of Albanian women is waiting for Mao Zedong. Enver Hoxha and other leaders await Tsu En Lai. People waiting for Tsu En Lai in the cities of Albania. Talks are held between Tsu En Lai and Enver Hoxhe at the Central Committee of the Labour Party of Albania. Rally at the “Partizani” palace where Mehmet Shehu and Tsu En Lai address the public. May 1 in Tirana and Beijing. Enver Hoxha and Mao Zedong watching the parade in China. (200. 90m) Joint Chinese-Albanian documentary film. Voiceovers: John Sue Cin, Zhao Zhen. Reads the text: Muhamed Kapllani. Film director: Josif Kromidha, Ju Cin. Beijing Cinema Philharmonic Orchestra.
Screenwriter N. Koleka Cen Cau Ju
Scriptwriter Ho Xhun Sin
Director Endri Keko Ho J Shen
Composer P. Jakova
Camera Jani Nano Uan De Cen Asim Raxhimi, op/zeri Uan De Cen, op/zeri
Designer Lij Syen
Editing In Syen
Category Documentaries
Year 1964
Release date 1964
Reels 6
Lenght (in minutes) 52
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit