Reference Code I/2-775
Title Shooters
Synopsis Shooting girls heading to work and training. Shooting practice at the “Partizani” club. Ermira Dingu with her eyes on the target. She works the “Ali Kelmendi” plant and study at home. Her diploma and medal earned in international activities. Elisabeta Karabolli training. She is speaking in front of the pédagogue. Diana Mata training and working. Ali Mata, a veteran shooter, teaches Mariana how to shoot. Shooting Eglantina Lalmi at work and training. Born Zeqo working and training. Coach being instructed. Liri Beqja training. Aferdita Tusha, mother and shooter training. Aishe Selmani training. The shooting girls doing physical preparation, working out in nature. Veteran shooter Shahije Billa teaches Armenian children, Kruje. Shooting during a military training. Elisabeta Karabolli exercising physically. She is at the polygon. Coach Rexhe Nderu teaches her. She is keeping a diary, working out. The shooters work out at the gym, playing ping-pong. Elisabeta Karabolli at the shooting competition. Foreign newspapers report about her, Elisabeta in the stands of the stadium, next to friend Enver. Our shots in Madrid. Konto Blanko training ground. The opening ceremony of the European Championship. Elisabeta Karabolli, Diana Mata and Margarita Cingu in the line of fire. Foreign journalists showing interest for our team. Ermira Dingu in the line of fire. She is declared the champion of Europe in precision rifles and is placed in the stands, in the first place. Aspects of shooting practice, children learning the “art of shooting”.
Screenwriter Baku Gjoni Ilia Dede
Scriptwriter ILia Dede
Director Marianthi Xhako
Composer Nina Andoni
Camera Rakip Zeneli
Editing Manushaqe Halili
Sound Loni Demiri
Category Documentaries
Year 1980
Release date 1980
Reels 2
Lenght (in minutes) 17.22
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Tirane,Kruje,Madrid
Producers Kinosuidio”Shqiperia e Re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit