Reference Code I/2-243
Title Revolutionar friendship
Synopsis The film starts with partisan and Chinese songs. A delegation of the Albanian party and state headed by Mehmet Shehu and composed of Ramiz Alia, M. Zicishti, Tuk Jakova, Agim Mero, R. Perllaku, Piro Bita, etc., leaves for a visit to the People’s Republic of China. Enver Hoxha, etc. accompanies the delegation. The plane takes off. The Himalayan mountains. The delegation arrives in Beijing. At the airport, our delegation is welcomed by Cu En Lai, Cen Po Ta, Kan Shen, Li Fu Cun, Li Hsinnien, etc. The anthems of the Chinese and Albania are performed. Transition to the honorary magazine. Along the 19 km road, the Chinese people cheer for the Chinese Communist Party, Comrade Mao Zedong, our ALP and Comrade Enver. Dancing in Teniamen., Comrade Cu En Lai gave a reception in the hall of the National Assembly on September 27. Cu En Lai and Mehmet Shehu address the public. The meeting room. The talks were held in the spirit of sincere friendship. Our delegation visits the exhibition of the Red Guards. Mehmet Shehu talks to the guards. The delegation attends the amateur concert of Tirana visiting China. Mehmet Shehu and Cu En Lai on stage congratulate the artists. The delegation visits the Beijing Pedagogical University. A conversation takes place in the hall of the university, the red guard Tan Ho Len, who participated in the 5th Congress of the CP is greeted. Comrade Ramiz Alia. The delegation visits the (leaflets) University. Comrade Mao Zedong is hosting our delegation on September 30. Cu En Lai, Kan Shen, etc. attend the event. Mao Zedong and Mehmet Shehu talking together. The members of the delegation are photographed with comrade Mao Zedong. Our delegation takes part in the demonstration of October 1, the holiday of the People’s Republic of China. Comrades Mao Zedong, Mehmet Shehu and other members of the delegation are in the stands. Lin Biao speaking on the podium. Parade in Beijing, fireworks at Teninamen Square. Mao Zedong and Mehmet Shehu watching the fireworks spectacle. The delegation visits a military unit in the Beijing garrison. Balls and tanks are shown. The delegation assists in the shooting of the soldiers of this garrison. Comrade Mehmet Shehu congratulates them. A lunch is served in the department. The delegation visits the commune of Chinese-Albanian friendship association . Visit the Peking duck farm where feeding is done with a camera. Visiting the zoological park of Beijing and the main park of Petakas in Beijing. A part of the delegation with comrade Mehmet Shehu and accompanied by Kan Shen arrive in Shantung. A big rally is organized in Shantung. Welcoming the chairman of the Shantung Revolutionary Committee, Gut Van Nsio Jui. Comrade Kan Shen talks about the friendship between our two peoples. Then Comrade Mehmet Shehu address the public. A flag is handed over to our delegation. Visiting the automobile factory and then visiting Cin Dao locomotive and wagon factory. The rest of the delegation assists in a mortar fire by the volunteer forces. Comrade R. Perllaku congratulates the commune members. The delegation visits naval combat centres. Comrade Mehmet Shehu congratulates the sailors for the successes they have achieved. The rest of the delegation headed by Ramiz Alia and accompanied by Li Fun Cin and Liu Nin Ji, visits Tajhai. They visit the house of Cen Ju Kuei who has been visiting Albania. The delegation with comrade Ramiz Alia reached Taqin, the capital of Shansi province. Visiting the car factory where cars are also produced for Albania. The delegation arrives in Yemen where for 20 years, Mao Zedong worked and led the party and Chinese people. Visiting the Jenan Museum, the University of Ianin, the house where Mao Zedong worked: Lin Piao. A big rally is organized in Ioannina where Comrade Li Lui Cun and Comrade Ramiz Alia speak. At the invitation of Mao Zedong, the Party and Government delegation visit Wuhan. Cu En Lai is waiting for Mao Zedong (the rest of the delegation led by Ramiz Alia has also arrived.) In honour of the delegation, a dinner is given where representatives of more than 500 Revolutionary organizations take part. The conversation between comrade Mehmet Shehu and Cu En Lai, as well as between all the participants, was very cordial and combative. The delegation visits a higher institute where a rally was organized where Comrade R. Perllaku spoke. The delegation visits the boiler factory of Wuhan. A large rally is organized at the city station where the area commander Cen Su Ji addresses the public. Comrade Cu En Lai and Comrade Mehmet Shehu speak at the rally. Comrade Mehmet Shehu hands the Red Guards a red flag. The delegation arrived in Shanghai. They are welcomed by the Chairman of the Shanghai Revolutionary Committee Can Cun Ciao and Deputy Chairman Jao Wen Juan (the last one at the 5th Congress of the B.R.P.SH.) The delegation visits the factory where the 12,000-ton press is located, one of the 6 largest . In honour of the friends, a big rally is organized in Shanghai. Red flags are exchanged. The delegation returns to Beijing. Visiting the tax collection exhibition. Visiting the watch factory. Visiting the exhibition of artistic works. The delegation visits the photo exhibition of Chinese photo reports on Albania. The delegation attends the show “Red Detachment of Women” in which Zoica Haxho and Agron Alia are deputies. (In the above visits, the delegation was accompanied by Cu En Lai and Kan Shen. Comrade Mehmet Shehu gave a reception at the hall of the National Assembly. Comrade Mehmet Shehu spoke at the reception (synchronized). Comrade Cu En Lai also spoke. Comrade Mehmet Shehu and Cu EN Lai raises a toast. Beijing airport, the delegation leaves. Cu En Lai, Cen Po Ta, Kan Shen, etc escorting the delegation. Tirana airport. Comrade Enver Hoxha, Hysni Kapo, Haki Toska, Adil Carcani, Spiro Koleka, welcome the delegation. Haxhi Lleshi, Rita Marko, Koco Theodhosi, N. Dibra reads the text of the Revolutionary Committee. Kan Shen and Mehmet Shehu address the public. N.Dibra reads the text.
Scriptwriter Xh. Gjoni
Director Kristaq Dhamo
Composer Donika Muci
Camera Agim Fortuzi Niko Theodhosi
Editing Adriana Elini
Sound A Raxhimi
Category Documentaries
Year 1967
Release date 1967
Reels 10
Lenght (in minutes) 81
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Kine
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit