Reference Code I/2-270
Title Red Arrows
Synopsis Film is dedicated to a combat training for the armed forces of the People’s Republic of Albania and the people’s volunteer forces. The film begins with a map of Albania. The song “The flag of liberation is rising”. High mountains covered with snow in which the training will take place. Alarm. The march begins. The command of Petrit Dume, Haki ?ako, Mendu Backa, etc. seems to be in place. The training is inspected by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Mehmet Shehu and the Minister of Defence Beqir Balluku. Factory workers at work. Alarm, everyone is armed and immediately jumps for the defence of the homeland. The march-muddy road. The soldiers move with difficulty. A tank gets stuck in the mud, the soldiers deftly build a bridge for the tank to cross. The units of the volunteer squads are in action, the population is evacuated (moved) just like in wartime. He marched at night to disguise the enemy. The construction of new road. The soldiers helps with the construction , strengthening their muscles. A ball in the snow is climbed up the hill by the soldiers. In the cold mountains, the houses are made of snow. The opening of a trench in the snow. Mehmet Shehu, Adil Çarcani, Beqir Balluku, etc. are coming. They talk to the soldiers. A snowy plateau appears, teams of skiers dressed in white are ready to go. They leave. 177. 80 m. The march in the storm. Marching on difficult paths to hit the enemy unexpectedly. enemy barbed wire cutting, Volunteer Squads in combat action. The place where the connectors are located. A more complex plan of combat actions emerges, such as; shooting with rifles, machine guns, aviation, tanks, etc. Infantry attacks. The enemy suddenly opens fire from a camouflaged centre. Our forces destroy this. Shooting with incendiary fire. An enemy convoy escorted by aviation climbs a mountain. Enemy aviation over the city. Air alert, workers, citizens arm themselves. They shoot. Quick help is set in motion. A reconnaissance gropu is seen in action. 282. 10 m Anti-tank fire. The enemy convoy is hit by surprise and is destroyed. Soldiers with cargo and weapons crossing the river. The residents of this region work to fix the roads. A steep mountain valley is shown where heavy military equipment (cars, cannons, tanks, etc. ) are passing. 208. 70m Enemy forces are using poisonous substances. The fighters are wearing gas masks with capes etc. They pass the infected area. Equipment and weapons are disinfected. The final battle and the enemy is destroyed. Loud cheers are heard. The headquarters of the combat training. Mehmet Shehu speaks and congratulates the fighters for successfully completing their tasks. Likewise, Beqir Balluku greets the warriors. Spiro Koleka, Adil Çarçani, Petrit Dume, Haki Çako, etc. 156. 70m Film presents a combat training for the armed forces of the People’s Republic of Albania and the people’s volunteer forces.
Category Documentaries
Year 1968
Release date 1968
Reels 5
Lenght (in minutes)
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
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