Reference Code I/2-274
Title Pioneer’s day
Synopsis The film begins with a panorama of the city of Tirana, its boulevards, squares and buildings. The cars that bring children from the four corners of the Motherland. Greetings friends. The pioneers of the capital accompanying their friends. Visiting the pioneer’s palace. Visiting the palace of culture “Ali Kelmendi”. Children’s exhibition. The exhibition is visited by Agim Mero and Qibrie Ciu. Pioneers make an imaginary liberation of a hill in Sauk. Pioneers shooting with rifles. Pioneers begin to gather at the “Partizani” sports palace where the meeting took place. Friends take part in the meeting: Hysni Kapo, Haki Teska, Xhevahir Spahiu, Agim Mere and others. The meeting was opened by Agim Mere and then he gave the floor to Hasim Badalli, the secretary of the youth committee. Hasim Badalli speaks. At the meeting, many pioneers discuss and greet on behalf of their friends. Talking about the experience of the pioneers as well as the readiness to walk on the path that the party and Comrade Enver Hoxha. Shpresa Tedri (Elbasan) -2-Abdyl Pileti (Berat)-3- Avdi Cellaku (Rakien-Korce)-4-Angje Marku (Lezhe, ex-fiancée who broke her engagement)-5 – Ndue Vata (brother of Shkurte Vata) talking. At the end, flags are awarded to the most distinguished pioneer organizations. About the day of the pioneer.
Scriptwriter I Karalliu
Composer Donika Muci
Camera Ilia Terpini Niko Theodhosi
Editing Vitori Celi
Sound Koco Tollko
Category Documentaries
Year 1968
Release date 1968
Reels 1
Lenght (in minutes) 8
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Tirane
Producers ‘Kinostudio” Shqiperia e Re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit