Reference Code I/2-181
Title People and oeuvres
Synopsis Movement of trucks in the city streets. Walking train. Tension pole. The “Josif Pashko” factory, a powerful base for assembly production. Construction materials are produced here. The fitter, Llazar Papamihali, consults the members of his brigade. The worker, Alush Bardhi, works in the chimney of the factory. Aspects from work in Lac. Worker Dede Kol Zefi grew up in construction. He works on top of the chimney. Excavator Gjetan Coku from Laci and Tirana’s engineer Bujar Basha working. The old man from Laci, while carving the wood, thinks about the miserable past and the peasant woman observes the changes that Laci undergoes from day to day. The school and the factory. Teacher Benedete Miloti revising the homework of the schoolchildren. Company director Piro Kono and chief engineer Shkelqim Bumci discussing about projects. (274. 20m) The train passing by the silicate brick factory. Bardhyl Daka works here as the electrical installation manager. The construction work. At the design offices, aspects of the work for the design of plants and factories. The construction of the paper factory. Worker Mehdi Deheri reads the newspaper, then climbs the factory chimney. The Port of Durres and the goods being loaded and unloaded. A truck loading an extraordinary load. Brigadier Maqo Polena directing the work. (256. 90m) Pishkashi and the trucks filled with mineral heading to Elbasan. The train passes (siren is heard everywhere). The Gjegjan mine, Kukes. , engineer Hysen Kumbaro and engineer Naim Shoshaj drafting projects at the Ministry of Construction. The copper smelting plant in Gjegjan where technologist Mark Preng Gega works. Excavator Beqir Mata, Brigadier Vasil Velo working. The copper plant of Rubik and the copper wire plant of Shkoder. Technician Lutfi Frasheri teaches Jolanda Baltoje. High voltage poles are erected everywhere. (275. 40m) Assembly of the electrical substation of the Mao Ce Dun Textile Factory. Engineer Varvara Vazi consults about work her Chinese friend. The construction of the nitrogen fertilizer plant in Fier and the thermal power plant. Workday and night. Welding and pouring in concrete. Caustic Soda plant is built in Vlore. The inauguration of the Bistrice hydropower plant. The inauguration tape is hosted by Spiro Koleka, assisted by Xhaferr Spahiu and Kico Theodhosi. Young volunteers who drive trucks to go where the homeland needs. (292. 40 m) The film shows the construction works done in 5 year.
Screenwriter Dhimiter Xhuvani
Scriptwriter Vangjush Gambeta
Director Endri Keko
Composer Donika Muci, formulim
Camera Niko Theodhosi
Editing Irena Harito
Category Documentaries
Year 1965
Release date 1965
Reels 4
Lenght (in minutes) 38
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
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