Reference Code I/2-656
Title Party, the people’s leader
Synopsis View of the cities from the plane, organized fields, terrace. Azotic, the train passing through Metallurgic. Metal smelting, metallurgists at work. The house of Celo Shako Brokweri (veteran, oilman in Patos). His wife and children do different jobs, one a turner, the other a soldier, the daughter works in the field, the other children work as a seamstress. Celo and his old friends help the young. At the mouth of the well, oilmen working. His eldest son, an engineer in Ballsh, directing the works. View of Ballsh. The train is moving. Korce Street. Students listening to lectures at the University. The students who leave for the action. Students working on the construction of the Prrenjas-Guri i Kuq railway. Comrade Enver among the youth. Talking to the youth. Muhamet Shehu’s mother Shemsia, who threw herself into the fire to save the socialist property, is waiting for her grandson in Kukes. She talks with youth about her son. The streets and buildings of the new Kukes. The monument at the graves of the martyrs. Kukes Bridge. Mother Shemsija’s son working. View of Fierza. Petrit Radovicka talking to the workers. Cars transporting. Fierze’s works. Worker Xhem Peca working in the tunnel. Xhema walking with friends. Xhema is accepted in the Party, equipped with the membership card. Geologists talking to the villagers. Pensioner Kamber Durici (hero of socialist work) helps geologists to find the mineral. The analyses are done in the laboratory. At the mine design institute. Miners working in the gallery. Coal wagons coming out of the tunnel. Female workers studying in the club. Various industrial constructions . The big hotel of Tirana under construction. Pioneers walking in rows. Pioneers visit the house where the Party was founded. Comrade Enver meeting the highlanders. He talks and hugs them. Spiro Lera (hero of socialist work) driving the car. Dritero Agolli (chairman of the association of writers) working the land with oxen. He is singing with the villagers. Myzeqe. Professor Sema reading the newspaper on the train. He visits the agricultural cooperative “Agimi” Fier. Tractors working the land. Uncle Profi leaving the house. He takes part in the board meeting. He goes and works for the construction of the house of culture. Uncle Profit’s children who do different jobs. One man is a surveyor, the other boy deals with trees. His daughter-in-law deals with cows. Children playing in the school yard. Uncle Profi takes his niece from kindergarten. Trucks driving down the road one after the other. Wheat harvest. Greenhouse with tomatoes. Cotton picking, corn harvest. The chairman of the Kemishtaj cooperative Themie Thomai working. Corn husking. The city of Korce. Girls knitting. Mill grinding, bakery. Computing centre, high voltage substation. Metallurgists smelting metal. The wire plant in Shkoder. The Independence Monument in Vlora. Young girls working with copper. The lamp factory in Vlora. The engineer of the Olimbi Myshkeri factory working. Her father catching fish (Ymer Myshkeri). Brother Lutfiu flying with a plane. Sea view. Radar, heavy weapon, cannon ready to fire. Ships sailing, tanks in the field, choirs practicing. Citrus harvest, flowers, cities. Students in the party school studying. Foreign newspapers that report about our country. People reading the draft constitution. May 1 parade. Enver Hoxha greeting. Hydropower plant landscape, organized plots, terrace.
Awards Fitues i cmimit te pare ne festivalin e II-te te filmit dokumentar.
Screenwriter Llazar Siliqi Endri Keko
Director Endri Keko
Composer Mira Mecule
Camera Jovan Kondakci
Editing Manushaqe Halili
Sound Fahri6bJukni
Category Documentaries
Year 1976
Release date 1976
Reels 5
Lenght (in minutes) 90
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Neper Shqiperi
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit