Reference Code I/2-398
Title Party Assemblies
Synopsis The invasion of Albania by Fascist Italy on April 7, 1939. Aspects of the fighting in Durres. The Italian crusader shoots with the ball. Photos of demonstrations in different cities of Albania. Photo of Tirana (city centre in 1939). Photo of Flora cafe in Tirana where comrade Enver Hoxha worked. Portrait of Enver Hoxha. The house where the Communist Party was founded on November 8, 1941. Interior view of the room. Fake newsletters used by Enver Hoxha illegally. The massacres of the Italian fascists in Albania. Communists and patriots addicted. Guerrilla units burn an Italian flag. The cutting of telephone lines by them. Photo of partisan troops. Photocopy of the newspaper “Voice of People”. The room where the Peze Conference was held on September 16, 1942. Map of Albania. Portraits of Enver Hoxhe and Myslymi Peze. Partisans on the march (improvisation). Portrait of Enver Hoxhe at the Labinot Conference in March 1943. The building of Labinot, where the General Staff of the National Liberation Army was established on July 10. The war against the Germans after the capitulation of the Italian forces. Photo from the inauguration of the 1st Assault Brigade. Partisans appeared shot with a ball (improvisation). The war for the liberation of Tirana. The liberation of Albania and the entry of the Provisional Democratic Government in Tirana (Enver Hoxha ). The Scanderbeg square in November 1944. Martyrs’ cemetery. The reconstruction of the country. The construction of the railway Durres-Peqin. Work on the track. Swamps that need to be dried. Enver Hoxha (photo) sharing mats in the mosques. Work in newly nationalized enterprises. Weaver at work. Enver Hoxhe’s meeting with the masses. Mehmet Shehu explaining to us at the joint school of officers “Enver Hoxha”. The army parading. Enver Hoxha is in the stands, dressed as a soldier, saluting with his fist. The entrance to the hall where the 1st Congress of the LP will take place. Mehmet Shehu, Fiqirete Shehu, Nexhmie Hoxha entering the Congress. Enver Hoxha comes to the stand to hold the report (synchronous). Mehmet Shehu, Gogo Nushi, Hysni Kapo, Manush Muftiu, Shefqet Peci, Myslym Keta attend the congress. Mehmet Shehu, Gogo Nushi, Hysni Kapo discuss. Enver Hoxha delivers the report and the closing speech of the Congress. Beqir Balluku and Spiro Koleka attend the congress . Leaders meeting people. Enver Hoxha on New Year’s Eve among children. A new year tree. Children dancing happily. Enver Hoxha, Mehemet Shehu, Beqir Balluku take a child in their arms. Two masked actors playing for the new year. Enver Hoxha voting in the 1949 elections. Myslym Keta, Hero of the People, voting. Spiro Koleka voting. Enver Hoxha accompanied by Mehemet Shehu visits the northern part of the country. Enver Hoxha talking to the villagers. Enver Hoxha and Myslym Peza cross-legged talking to the villagers. Enver Hoxha speaking at a rally. The 2nd Congress of the NPEnver Hoxha holding (simultaneously) the report of the congress. Beqir Balluku, Sadik Bocaj, Nexhmie Hoxha attend the congress. A sailor guarding the coast. A military unit lining up for arms. The “Stalin” factory. Stalin’s monument is visible. A tractor ploughing the land. He grew up teaching in the mountain school. Polytechnic building “7 November”, Tirana. The “Lenin” hydropower plant. Enver Hoxha addresses the Congress (simultaneously). Hysni Kapo, Gogo Nushi, Mehmet Shehu, Nexhmie Hoxha attend the event. Mehmet Shehu speaking. The industrial map of Albania . Hysni Kapo, Gogo Nushi, Beqir Balluku, Spiro Koleka discuss. Rally in “Skanderbeg” square. Enver Hoxha speaks from the balcony of the Executive Committee of Tirana. Gogo Nushi, Mehmet Shehu, Spiro Koleka . The hall where the 3rd ALP Congress took place. Enver Hoxha reporting (simultaneously). Mehmet Shehu, Beqir Balluku, Sadik Bekteshi, Shpresa Zeneli (vice chancellor of the university) attend the congress. Mehmet Shehu reports about the economy (synchronous). Enver Hoxha delivers the closing speech (synchronized) The Hero of Socialist Work Sali Vata and Fadil Pacerami. A miner working in the gallery. Molten metal flowing. The inauguration of the “Karl Marks” hydropower plant. Enver Hoxha, Mehmet Shehu, who cuts the ribbon. Enver Hoxha opens the faucet. The work for the bonification of Muzeqese fields. Corn and cotton plots. Coastal hills with vineyards. The hall of the 4th ALP Congress. Enver Hoxha, Mehmet Shehu, Gogo Nushi, Adil Carcani, Beqir Balluku, Spiro Koleka, Koco Theodhosi, Spiro Moisiu, Li Sin Nien, Agim Mero, Todi Lubonja, etc. Enver Hoxha reports (synchronously). Mehmet Shehu reporting (synchronously). Haki Toska, Haxhi Lleshi, Hysni Kapo, Manush Muftiu attend the congress . Enver Hoxha gives the closing speech (synchronized). View of factory chimneys. Welder working. Bushtrices Tunnel. Inaugurations of various works. Military parade. They parade military girls, parade rackets, airplanes. The hall where the 5th ALP Congress took place. Enver Hoxha, Gogo Nushi, Rita Marko, Hysni Kapo, Ramiz Alia, Spiro Koleka, Adil Carcani appear. The report is given by Enver Hoxha (synchronous). Todi Manco, Petrit Dume, Katina Starja, Sul Baholli, Zeqir Agolli, Nefo Muftiu, Vera Pojani, Rahaman Perllaku, Shenasi Zeneli, and Fiqiri Vogli. Comrade Enver Hoxha (simultaneous) gives the closing speech. Rapo Dervishi. Enver Hoxha hugs Mehmet Shehu and Hysni Kapo. The rally of the 25th anniversary of the ALP at the “Skanderbeg” square. Manysh Mufti starts the rally and gives the floor to Enver Hoxha who speaks (synchronously). Workers in front of a factory. Work at the cement factory. The train is moving. High voltage poles. The Tec of Fieri. Laci superphosphate. Newspapers with the speeches of Enver Hoxhe held on February 6, 1967. The war against religion. Activities for the emancipation of women. Polytechnic 7 November. School students at production work. Artists going to the mountains for activities. The cell of the new terraces. The coastal terraces. Newspapers with the decision of the Council of Ministers. Enver Hoxha and Mehmet Shehu in the areas damaged by the earthquake. Peshkopi 1967. The country’s electrification. The helicopter that transports the turbines. The construction of apartments with voluntary work. Enver Hoxha speaking at the VI Congress of ALP. Enver Hoxha shakes hands with Willcox (sec. P.P. of New Zealand). Fireworks in Tirana. This film is made entirely of archival material extracted from other films and is dedicated to the Congresses of the Labour Party from the first to the sixth.
Director Adriana Elini
Category Documentaries
Year 1971
Release date 1971
Reels 7
Lenght (in minutes) 55
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit