Reference Code I/2-466
Title Our ballet troupe in China
Synopsis The streets of Beijing. Reception of our ensemble at the airport. Mantho Bala, Gjoni Athanas, Zoica Haxho, Koco Vasili meet with their Chinese friends. Reception at the headquarters of the national assembly attended by Li Sien Nien, Go Mo Zho, and Cu De. Mantho Bala and Vu De talking. At the central park of Beijing comes Cu De. Gjoni Athanas and Ma Pin sing. Tienamen square, National liberation war monument. Imperial Palace. Ancient artistic exponent. Performance of the ballet “Cuca e male” at the theatre of Beijing. Go Mo Zho, Jao Wen Juan, and Liu Sien Cuan attend the event. (275.30m) Excerpt from the ballet “Cuca e malev”. Jao Ven Juan and Go Mo Zho congratulate the actresses on stage. Visiting the “Kino-Albanian Friendship” municipality. Mantho Bala speaks. The kindergarten children singing an Albanian song. Visiting the archaeological museum of the city. Cu De, Njen Ju Cen, and Gen Bia take part in the event. Hysen Kocia sings (synchronized). Vace Zela sings (synchronized), Lili Tafaj on the piano. Myzejen Mullaj sings. Concert of our ensemble at the sports palace, attended by Cu De, Njen Ju Cen, and Lin Biao. (298.50) The city of Cansha. Visit the mausoleum of the martyrs, place flowers and pay tribute. Mao Zedong Monument. The school that Mao Zedong attended. Concert of our artists on the street. Gaqo Cako, and Gjoni Athanas singing. Visiting a carpet factory. The ensemble works in the wheat harvest. Show at the city theatre. Visiting the house museum where Mao Zedong was born. Koco Vasili. Shanghai; view of the river Jance. Visiting the ballet school. (279m) Visiting the industrial exhibition in Shanghai. Nanjing Grand Bridge. Pagoda. Performance of “Red Lantern” and “Girl with Red Hair” by Chinese pioneers. Sun Jat Sen Monument. The Chinese choir sings “Join Friends”. Visiting the palace of the pioneers of Nanjing. (230.70) Ensemble visits China. Panorama of the Yellow River. Artificial lake. Zoica Haxho and Mantho Bala meet Chinese women. Great monument of Mao Zedong. Performance of our ballet in the concert hall. Shantug, street dance. A movie is being shot in the city’s movie studio. Mantho Bala, Zoica Haxho, etc. They meet with the Chinese filmmakers and congratulate them. Visiting the “Red Flag” automobile factory. Visiting the Great Wall of China, and the National Painting Exhibition in Beijing. Meeting of the members of our ensemble with the youth of Beijing at the big park of the city. Artificial lake. Singer sings a Chinese song. (203.60m) The building of the great national assembly, the show “Cuca e Maleve”. Ce En Lai, Dun Bi U, Li Shen Nien, Gan Cin, Pe Nut (prime minister of Cambodia), Jun Ven Juan, our ambassador to China Xhoxhi Robo, Koco Vasili, Mantho Bala attend the show. Farewell banquet attended by Cu En Lai, San Ven Juan. Mantho Bala and Va Teh. Departure by plane. (191.90m)
Scriptwriter Gezim Dhrimaj
Composer Mira Mamaqi
Camera Faruk Basha Koco Tollko, op/zeri
Editing Shpresa Papapavli
Category Documentaries
Year 1972
Release date 1972
Reels 7
Lenght (in minutes) 57
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit