Reference Code I/2-212
Title On behalf of the Vietnamese people
Synopsis The delegation of Vietnamese government headed by Politburo member of the Communist Party of Vietnam Le T’han Noi arrived in Albania on October 11. Delegation was received by the member of the political bureau of C.C.A.L.P comrade Haki Toska, A. Kellezi, N. Nasi, K. Ngjela, etc. Deputy head of the Council of Ministers H. Toska welcomes the delegation at the prime minister’s office where the official talks took place in a cordial and fraternal atmosphere. Comrades A. Kellezi, K. Ngjela, etc. attend the event. Then delegation paying homage at the cemeteries of the martyrs. Visiting the National Liberation war museum. M. Shehu welcomes the Vietnamese delegation. H. Toska also took part, reception in a fraternal atmosphere. The delegation accompanied by the deputy chief of the general staff of the army Vaske Gjino and K. Ngjela visiting the united school “Enver Hoxha” The Secretary the first of A.L.P comrade Enver Hoxha together with H. Kapo, H. Toska, N. Nase and other party members. Delegation visits the factory of spare parts for tractors, where is welcomed by the director of the plant Pilo Peristeri and the entire work team. In honour of the delegation a concert was given by the united ensembles of the capital. The delegation visited the city of Durres and the state agricultural enterprise of Sukthi. The agreement was signed about the free economic aid that our government gives to the democratic government of Vietnam on October 13. Signed by Haki Toska, M.Shehu, H.Kapo, B.Balluku, K.Ngjela, N.Nase, etc. Delegation returning to its country. Translated by A. Kellezi, H. Toska, K. Ngjela, M. Treska. About the visit of the delegation of Vietnamese government in Albania.
Scriptwriter Adriana Gashi
Composer Donika Muci
Camera Dhimiter Lala Koco Tollko, op zeri
Editing Vitori Celi
Category Documentaries
Year 1966
Release date 1966
Reels 1
Lenght (in minutes) 10
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit