Reference Code I/1-754
Title Newsreel No. 8, 1974
Description Urea plant. Work aspects. The crane that lifts the materials. View of the granulation tower. (29,30m) Cooperative Lekaj. Consultation with the participation of the heads of cooperatives, agronomists and zootechnicians. View of cows, pigsty. (31.50m) Tractor driver Riza Burja. View of the tractor in the office. Riza Burja in the office. Riza works with a tractor. (52.20m) Valias mine. View of the mine, aspects from work. (60,60m) Delvina School. View of the school. Chemistry lesson in the laboratory. The school library. Visiting the school museum. (42.60m) Feature Film. Aspects from the work of the filmmakers, for the shooting of the film “Ruge te bardha” in the mountains of Puka. Rikard Ljarja walking in the snow. (49.60m)
Scriptwriter Vllasova Musta
Musical Arrangement Nina Harito
Camera Agim Fortuzi Jovan Kondakci Niko Theodhosi
Edition Nazmije Sula
Sound Vangjel Leka
Cathegory Newsreels
Chroma Black and White
Year 1974
Reels 1
Length (in minutes) 9
Location Shqiperia
Producer Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit