Reference Code I/1-802
Title Newsreel No. 4, 1976
Description In the People’s Assembly. The 4th session of the 8th Legislature is being held. Enver Hoxha, Haxhi Lleshi, Mehmet Shehu, Hysni Kapo, Ramiz Alia, Spiro Koleka, Adil Carcani, and Haki Toska are taking part. Rrapi Jermeni, Ali Manaj, Petro Dode, Hamit Taga, Telo Mezini, Rrapo Dervishi speak. (65m) Scientific conference on the problems of the constitution. In the hall of the People’s Assembly, the scientific conference on the problems of the constitution took place, which was opened by Nexhmije Hoxha. Hysni Kapo, Xhaferr Spahiu participate, Nexhmije Hoxha, Aranit Cela, Foto Cami, Hasa Banja, Gramoz Hysi, Mehmet Elezi speak. After the plenary session, the works were divided into 4 sessions. In the second session, economic and social problems were discussed, the stage of building socialism in Albania was discussed. In the third session, the problems on the principles of equality of citizens in the new constitution were discussed. In the fourth session, the problems of state organization were discussed. In closing, Ramiz Alia speaks. (23.70m) Captain Fran Ndue Ivanai is awarded the title of People’s Hero. Worker reading the newspaper that reported the killing of Captain Fran Ndue Ivanai while steering the ship at sea. Captain Fran at the helm of the ship. Fishermen fishing. Fishermen on alert. Fran Ndue Ivanai steering the ship. The newspaper that talks about the granting of the title. Fran’s mother, father, and wife. Myqerem Fuga speaks and distributes the decoration assigned to the hero, as well as to the other members of the ship. The hero’s brother and the young captain of the ship speak. (77.60m)
Musical Arrangement
Camera Niko Theodhosi Diana Diamanti Pellumb Kallfa
Edition Nazmije Sula
Cathegory Newsreels
Chroma Black and White
Year 1976
Reels 1
Length (in minutes) 8
Location Shqiperia
Producer Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit