Reference Code I/1-895
Title Newsreel No. 19, 1979
Description 35th anniversary of the 16th assault brigade. The 35th anniversary of the 16th assault brigade is celebrated in Therepel in Skrapar. They put wreaths on the tombstone of the brigade. Groups of former partisans talk, reminisce. Visiting the families of the martyrs. A big meeting opened by the secretary of the Skrapar Party Committee, Safet Hatellari. Greetings Miti Nito, member of the Central Committee of the Albanian Labour Party (68.20m) 35th anniversary of the 18th attacking brigade. The former partisans of the 18th attacking brigade are coming to the city of Peshkopia. Placing wreaths on the tombstone. View of the martyrs’ cemetery. Haxhi Lleshi and Prokop Murra pay homage. Jovan Bardhi, first secretary of the district Party Committee, opens the rally. Prokop Murra greets. (51.90m) The melting plant in the Metallurgical Combine in Elbasan. Exterior view of the plant and view of the interior. Foundry. All young workers, 19-20 years old, working in the profile production department. Views from different work processes. Workers being consulted. View of a department. (50.80m) Sports. Football. The Partisan and Celtic of Scotland. In the Qemal Stafa stadium, the match between our champion Partizan and the Scottish champion Celtic took place, which ended with the result 1 to 0 in favour of our team.
Director AdrianAdriana Elini
Musical Arrangement Nina Harito
Camera Pashko Como Ibrahim Kasapi Rudolf Radovani
Edition Ikbale Jacellari
Sound Vangjel Leka
Cathegory Newsreels
Chroma Black and White
Year 1979
Reels 1
Length (in minutes) 8
Location Shqiperia
Producer Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit