Reference Code I/1-504
Title Newsreel No. 17, 1969
Description Sawdust Concrete Lac. Concrete panels, 5 pieces of wooden bricks, and one piece of cement are produced in Lac. This work is done by the employees of State Industrial Enterprise Lac according to the initiative of engineer Kosta Tajo. Workers working to produce panels. The panels being put into use inside the houses that will be built. Planting tobacco in the Agricultural Cooperative “Bajram Curri” in Kruja. The workers working in the industrial enterprise of tobacco states. Planting tobacco. Smoking. Livestock in Sheper, Zagoria. You can see the mountains of Zagoria covered with snow, below the plateaus. Below are the flocks of sheep of the Alqi Kondi Agricultural Cooperative. Shepherds grazing baguettes. A beautiful flute melody is heard. The cooperatives process the dairy themselves in the dairy, it seems that the dairy produces the cheese. In the village of Nivan, the work of the dairy is given. Subject 4. Tirana dental polyclinic. Interior view of the dental polyclinic. Patient fixing teeth. Students in practice. A dental operation. Artificial teeth production department. The workers of this department worked. SUBJECT 5. Festival of Vlore Ensembles. April 18-29, 1969, the national festival of amateur ensembles took place in Vlore. The cinema of Vlore is visible. Spectators appear in the hall. Shijaku’s amateurs’ dance. The dancers of the Mollas – Bradashesh cooperative, Elbasan, dance.
Scriptwriter Halil Kamberi
Musical Arrangement Nina Harito
Camera Mithat Fagu Rakip Zeneli Sokrat Musha Agim Fortuzi Jovan Kondakci Shefqet Pellumbi
Edition Elpiniqi Bode
Cathegory Newsreels
Chroma Black and White
Year 1969
Reels 1
Length (in minutes) 8
Location Shqiperi
Producer Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
Notes d
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