Reference Code I/1-500
Title Newsreel No. 13, 1969
Description The panorama of the city of Berat is visible. Former partisans arrive in Berat. They make visits to the families of the martyrs of the national liberation war. In the house of Vasil Karakashi, father Gaqi Karakashi (martyr). Mithat Luci, Gaqo’s close friend, talks about Gaqo’s trim. At mother Thua Shpina’s house. Outside Berat, a memorial (tombstone) is inaugurated where Spiro Koleka, Adil Carcani, Ramiz Alia etc. assist. Panorama of Skrapar valley and hills. The cars of former partisans leave for Skrapar. The people welcome him. View of Corovode. Adil Carcani visits the house of Ferid Bregu. Ramiz Alia visits mother Rahmije, mother of martyr Hasan Saitaj. In Vlush, where the brigade was formed, Neshat Hysi presents the force to Spiro Koleka. Spiro Koleka greets. Former partisans of the 7th brigade parade. The brigade flag passes by. Youth’s call to action. Young people in different work centers reading the call of the Central Youth Committee to go into action. Young people discussing and engaging. Vllaznia-Labinoti match. Moments from the match are shown. A combination between Dani and Kocobashi. Cani scores a goal. Ragami scores a goal. The score is 2-2. (142.50m)
Scriptwriter Halil Kamberi
Musical Arrangement Metije Dautaj
Camera Dhimiter Lala, Sokrat Musha, Niko Theodhosi, Rakip Zeneli
Edition F Bedo
Sound Koco Tollko
Cathegory Newsreels
Chroma Black and White
Year 1969
Reels 1
Length (in minutes) 9
Location Shqiperi
Producer Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
Notes f
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