Reference Code I/2-76
Title Motherland
Synopsis The film begins with the first May parade. Youth parading, Eglantina Mandija reciting in a school during the literature class, Fields , mountains and rivers sceneries. Girls filling a cistern with water in the village. Naim Frasher’s portrait, different scenes from the life of the blacksmith, annd the fisherman. Dinners served in the palace of King Zog. A woman has her husband on the curb, a photo of her bride in 1931 at a village in Korce. Her husband Vasil Pano was left on the curb, the old mother prays for her dead son in America. His son Sotir Pano is today a zootechnician with a high school degree. View from the textile factory, shoe factory, clothing and shoe shops. The director of the cafe “Bar Sahati”, Eqerem Gjata, has returned from America, where he stayed for 18 years. Mina Risa, who returned from America, works at the Textile Factory today. Panorama of the city of Durres. Albanians coming from America, walking around the city, visiting the pioneers’ camp, “Turizmin” hotel, and coastal areas. Doctor Nase is happy when he bathes in the sea of his homeland. Tirana and its streets. Expatriated Albanians visiting Kinostudio Shqiperia e re. Father Kost Belba gives a mass at the church of Korce . Kost Belba placeing a wreath of flowers on the graves of the martyrs of Korce. Midhi Kostani hanged, Borova burned. People laying wreaths of flowers on the graves of the martyrs. The constructions in Cerrik, the Karl Marx hydropower plant, constructions in Tirana, oil wells and beautiful Vlora. Visiting the cement factory. Independence Day monument in Vlora. On November 28, 1957, the 45th anniversary of Independence is being celebrated with grandeur. Enver Hoxha hugging patriotic elders and raising the flag at the flag square in Vlora. The exiled Albanians visiting the fortress of Kruje where they take some photos as a souvenir. They visit a cooperative in the village of Korce where they dance with the villagers and visit the fields of the cooperative. Visiting the sugar factory in Maliq. The exiled Vasil Dhimitri met his childhood friend Muzafer Sulejmani, an engineer in this factory and a member of the People’s Assembly. A pleasant picnic outside Korce. While Petraq Pani, who returned from exile, marries the girl who grew up away from her father. The in laws take the bride. About Albania and a group of Albanian American visitors.
Screenwriter Endri Keko
Director Endri Keko
Camera Sokrat Musha P. Como
Category Documentaries
Year 1958
Release date 1958
Reels 3
Lenght (in minutes) 26
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Neper Shqiperi
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