Reference Code I/4-6
Title Majlinda and the little bird
Synopsis On a cold, snowy, winter’s day a little bird, shivering and hungry, flies to the window of a kindergarten. In their warm classroom, the children, with Majlinda among them, are at a drawing lesson. Majlnda sees the bird and hurries to let it into the warm room. There, the bird lives till Spring. The apple tree blossoms and then begins to from its fruit, but they begin to fall of because the greedy worms eat out the heart of each apple till, still unripe, it falls.This worries the children of the kindergarten, including Majlinda. The little bird which spent the winter with the children sees their concern and with the aid of other birds, wipes out all the greedy worms. In order to protect the fruit trees and the apples the children tirelessly whitewash the tree trunks.
Screenwriter Gaqo Bushaka
Director Bujar Kapexhiu
Composer Lejla Agolli
Camera Tomi Vaso
Animator Vlash Droboniku
Editing Elsa Bushati
Sound Skënder Nuzi
Category Animation
Chroma Colour
Year 1976
Length 5.5
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit